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How to Build Emotional Walls

by yeetme

Okay okay. First post phew.

So it’s come to my attention that I indulge too much when giving information to people. It has recently become even clearer after listening to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album. I want to protect myself from people who hurt me, and one of the ways that I think I could actually execute is building a tall, sturdy emotional wall. People are just out to hurt other people, and humans are the only human that would deliberately do so. Just like the character Pink, I want to build a wall and close myself off from people around me regardless of how they treat me. People don’t deserve my words or kindness, nor do they deserve to be called my ‘friend’ (and nowadays that term is something that people use too loosely. Honestly, you just me her and you consider her a friend? Who the hell are you trying to fool?). Any advice for this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Cause of Death: Suicide 2/20/2019 - 10:03 am

Just try not to hear them. A wall is a good term. I’m not even my own friend, I’m like some invisible ghost that does not feel or think. Or like some character in a video game that some dirty child is holding the controller to.

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