I’m finally committing

  February 13th, 2019 by Cause of Death: Suicide

Finially, as I am sure that life is more trouble than it was ever worth

I thought I would leave this here
It is nothing too special, at all, but it is all I have.
I was trying to record an album but I could never get the devil off my back,
so all I have is this poetry and a guitar I can’t pick up.
I already sold my keyboard and my record collection.

The Fleshy Bones

An Album For Kids That Live On The Moon (Copyright)


Without further A-doobie
Beyond a shadow of an ounce
And with that I rest my bong
Poking Smot; Binking Dringe
Everybody can do drugs
But not everyone can be drugs
Are You Ready, Freddy?

And then there was light
..And then there was sound
..And then there was color
..And then there was Ocean
..And then there was Mountain
..And then there was The Sun
..And then there was The Moon
..And then there was The Solar System
..And then there was The Father
..And then there was The Son
..And then there was The Holy Ghost
..And then there was Arithmetic
..And then there was Science
..And then there was Love
..And then there was War

Death before Dishonor
A Captain Lost at Sea in Solitude


Every day I wake up feeling like Great Britain
A stranger strolling the villas of Notre Dame Kingdom.
I’ve wandered the plotted grid of your mind
Like I’m trekking the Sierra Nevada
Ascended the Himalayas
Then I approached The Pier
Dived into your Aquatics
Sailed Olympic lengths
Through your Black Seas
And Gibraltar Straights
Climbed your Eiffel Tower
And sky-dived down
Set up camp –
Lived only on your twigs & berries
Slept wrapped in my sleeping bag
Beside your creeks
If only to wake up to your songbird tweet

My life in the grooves and tombs of your hands
A cryptic stare
A bedeviled glare


“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?”

A slow dance. A biblical romance.
Slipping, sliding through the shadows
When you think no one is watching
The spirit is moving you
A silly game. A broken toy.
A starry night you perch on your tower
Connecting the dots – All the stars that shower
Shooting towards each other
Like a game of tag

In graceful haste, I strike a cord
When the world has come to none,
There will only be but one, Juliet.

Bubble-gum lips and cotton-candy eyes
A home cooked meal and her voice a harp strumming goodnight
Light cast all around her on Summer Days
A clear-skied Crepuscular Ray
Melting at her feet, there is me.
First Come, First Serve


The Bald Eagle bravely soaring over The Great Lakes
Trumpets sound for All to Rise for The National Anthem
Break-time at Mt. Rushmore
An Avalanche in the creation
Ice Age awaiting to strike
Paleolithic Age is history to repeat
Dinosaurs go Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye

Empty in the soul, devoid of all
The America that we’ve become
Envy to be born in this land
Not too much to see
For prosperity you must leave
Time Square only for the Rich, White Man
The Black Man can’t have a loaf of bread
Abe on them,
Tend to his crops and clean his den.


Wheelin’ and dealin’
Killing for a living
Singin’ and swingin’
I feel nitty and gritty and guile
I dinnit think I could cut that deep
I don’t run from the law
I let the law run to me

Her Ghost Saunders in high heels
A masquerade on the ballroom floor
Something draws you in to see
But she’ll find you even when you aren’t looking
Light the firecracker
Pull the trigger
Light the firecracker
Pull the trigger
Pull the trigger
Pull the trigger

A Cetacean’s Blowhole
A High Striker with the bell rung
A smokestack releasing exhaust

Lady Luck she never smiles
She rides me in the darkest hours
The insane stays mainly in the brain
You think you can’t go on
Until you open your eyes
They tell me to put a smile on
I carve myself a Chelsea Grin
Suck on a diamond so long it cuts your mouth

Silent Night, Holy Night
All is wrong, All is blight
Undue attention
It’s an embarrassment
Lying around, Twenty-three
More dirty than clean
Skin & bones in the Middle of nowhere
Torrential downpour scathes a plastic sky


+ – + – System Malfunction + – + –
Error Code 418 – “I’m a Teapot”
Waxing Poetic, Waning Prophetic
An absence of being certain
“Is she the one in love,
Or is it I?”
I offer a free hand
To guide you in the dark

Starter Jets Fueled
Operation Just Because
Fire their cannons into another nation’s field of Gold
Did your psychic predict a drought?
Drink the water when you feel the pain swell
You are the Earth that recedes me
I am the water that shivers encapsulated around you
The only point in time where we meet
When my waves crash amongst you shores

Theatre of Nightmares
World War III: The Apocalypse
A rotten tooth needs a Root Canal
Arrive bright-eyed, bushy-tailed
Leave tail between legs, a cowering dog
The fight a higher high than any drugs
But uses you up just the same
If the universe is a vacuum
I’m a dust bunny
A bullet catcher with some chest candy
I forgot to kiss you.

!Mind-Blown! and scattered along the rocks
My tofu brain separates and splits into twos
A dying breed
What is broken can’t always be saved
I need to see you all the time
Your eyes swallow me like the sky


A Man’s Love Affair With The Sky
The clouds all parted to let the Angels in
I am surrounded
I fall down to my knees

I crouch to emerge from the dirt
An earthquake under my feet
The soil cracks open
Creepers blossom at an alarming rate
I mutter a prayer under my breath,
“In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”

A gas bomb strike from my magic wand
I evaporate into thin air
A trail of Daisies left in my wake
The black and white world
Bursts into blind, vivifying color
Suffer Rapid Blood Loss
Vison gets blurry
See the Angels around me lift off and grow their wings

The spinning of the Earth
And the ground under my feet
Somehow rescues me
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet



Beat you to a pulp
Lacerate your heart tissue
Dismantle the muscle
Let you seize in peace
An exercise in futility
Appalling monstrosity
Empty hearts
Empty minds
Empty hands

Sad imitations of love
The last candle is blown out
A maze with no exit
A bottomless hole
Thrashing waves,
The ship, it sinks
God did not intend for this

Bones full of lead
Chain on my ankle
Anchored to the ship
It won’t sail again
It won’t sail again

Like all the plague doctors are out on call
Feels like I’ve been ran over
Defeated, overruled, crushed


There Are Gold Fish Swimming Through Your Intestines
Glow Worms Massaging Your Brain
An Apple Core as a spine
Lightning bugs to power your vision
Little black spiders burrow in your head
Claws of death squeezing you by the neck
Aphids uprooting your Rose Hips
Cupid’s Bow spiraling your leech lips

Electric eels put the shock in your heartbeat
Laughter bubbling like a cauldron of Frog’s Breath
Your teeth as termites, gnash down what you chew
Sucking in dead meat and spitting out the bones
Acid rain drizzling out your tear ducts
The mop on your head, a crow’s nest

A trade wind blowing to keep your hand fixed
Unbutton your skin, attire sheltering your tendons

Took a nap in a coffin
Woke up buried alive
Concrete up to your neck
The sun in sinking just above your exploding head
Air is reeking of your abysmal dread
The sense of exile sets in.



It was just another day
So she slept it all away
She slept it all away
Because it was just another day
It was just another day
So she poured it down the drain
Couldn’t shoulder the blame
So she poured it down the drain
It was just another day
A smile on her face
She swept you all away
Because it was just another day
She poured you down the drain
Because she couldn’t stand the taste
She poured you down the drain
You couldn’t ease her pain
It was just another day


Dive in, Dive in
Everything falls into place
“Wisp of Tow”
You swim, You swim
Fighting Poseidon off when he pulls you in

Rickety Pier
Creaky Pier
Sun-cloaked Air
Sun-drenched Air
No ferry-boat fare
So, you swim
Half-Grin, Fisherman
The motors keep the sharks displaced

Deep in now
You’re deep in
No one knows you any way

Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe
Elvis Presley, Doris Day
I couldn’t imagine a lovelier Bay


Explosive like an active volcano
Building up and boiling over
Can I have your trust?
All those years you’ve been sleeping in that bed
Maybe now you belong in mine

Can I answer to you?
The words dance off your tongue towards my eyes
When you dream I am there I feel alive
But we know that I am not


The current pulls you in
The tide drags you down
Ebbing along the crest and trough
Waves break over your idle bones
It’s not so bad to be dumped
At the bottom of the sea 36,000 feet
Soft and slow in your steady decline
No one around to hear you scream

Eyes wide open
The jellyfish become your friends
Laid to rest in this sea-bed
Creepy crawlers don’t bring a fright
When they are the only company you have
Kelp wraps its’ arms around you
Holding you there like a welcoming embrace
It’s so good to be home

Too far within to see light off distant shores
Nothing but dismal blackness
Reflecting off your glassy eye
A music box that never shuts
A lighthouse blinking
You lay there wondering
Maybe in time You’ll grow gills and fins
And wade through the current
Born again


The last bell tolls
Digging the final remnants of hope
Out of the deepest corners of your soul
So the story goes
What above is as so below

Kick some dirt over
The first sprout of the dawn
Of a new Spring
New beginnings as a means to new ends
Another can of worms
From the chain store down the street
Another can of worms
Open it up and see what tomorrow brings

New destruction as a form of new creation
You have set cruise control on maximum effort
Giving 110% of your all
The cards will fall where they fall
Choose a door and go through it

Not everything is up to chance


One for all and all for one
There’s no ‘I’ in team
Shiver in your boots when the Cold War comes
Shiver in your boots when the Cold War comes
Frost Bite on the Front Line
The quiet Earth that splattered your Heart
Life is already over

Snake Eyes hidden somewhere in the grass
The brisk wind cutting the treetops like piano keys
Slithers with the snake as you Manic {MANIC!}
Hisses with the snake as you Panic {PANIC!}

I draw my weapon to start the show off
Reflected in The Eye, my Trepidation
Shiver in your boots when the Cold War comes
Shiver in your boots when the Cold War comes

A Heart is not only the Vesicle beating Life into your Being,
Your Heart contains The Roads You Travel, The Small Towns you visit
The Thrift Store on the corner of your block
The Thrift Store you left behind that Misses You Dear
You wind along the River as it leads you to South-Fork…..


Well, steep me in some water and call me a tea bag!
Climbing your body like a boa ascends a tree trunk
K.O. like Rocky circling you in the ring
Grasping for the answers that you could never find
I tell you, “Baby, everything you need to know is in your eyes”
You say to wait for it, but you know I can’t
Every day living like this is my last chance!
Can you show me everything about being empty
Blacken my eye and drain my mind
Hand on the glass know you are on the other side

Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun
Keep your hand on the wheel your eyes upon the road
Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun
…Oh, How easy it is to forsake…

Spaced It {Interjection}
Give us drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
We need more drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
We can’t stop taking our drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
Our world of drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
Lose everything for the drugs……


Le mie labbra sistematiche mancano delle tue labbra concettuali
Mes levres systematiques manquent vos levres conceptuelles
In meinen systematischen Lippen fehlen deine Konzeptuellen Lippen

My systematic lips are missing your conceptual lips
Le mie labbra ciliegia-mandorla mancano I tuoi occhi salati
Mes levres aux cerises et aux amandes manquent vos yeux savoureux
Meine kirsch-mandel-lippen vermissen deine schmackhaften augen

My cherry-almond lips are missing your savory eyes
Le mie orecchie accattive mancano la tua ingua appasionata
Mes orielles qui suppliant manquent ta langua passionnee
Meine bettelnden Ohren vermissen deine leidenschaftliche Zunge

My begging ears are missing your impassioned tongue
Grab Flip Push Spank Kiss
Lick Lick Leccare Lecher Lecken.
Lick. Lick.


She sees the world through another’s eyes
Nightmares of being strangled in the tentacles of Octopi
Enticed by their grip
She wakes up suffocating on air
Every step – a landmine – most deactivated
But a secret fear that one will set off
Hollowed lungs and shallowed breathing

Heart cut like a diamond
Carats binding to her blood
Sinking in her ravenous teeth
Blood drips off her lips
Call her a hemophiliac

The moon towering over her head
A skyscraper she crafted
Each wavelength differs
In this universe that has been reversed
Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

Impossible is inside of her
Impossible is inside of it al


Red Wine stain on your tight white shirt
Ambrosia hanging off of my Lips, yeh
Clap my hands twice like a bullfighter
I’m moonwalking beneath a Solar Eclipse

I can glow in the dark
Trigger happy.. Sticky fingers.. Devil may-care
We gonna get it! We gonna get it!
We’re gonna hit it ‘til we quit it
“Get jiggy wit’ it.” ..counting all the digits
She a hydra, She a cyclone, She a secret weapon
She all the nation’s flags flown side by side, side by side by side by side
She a nugget and she crispy


Driving a Volkswagen around the moon
Something fucking with me eyes
Moon looking like a Venn Diagram
Me on left, you on right, us in middle
My heart the cliché rolled up in newspaper: Paper Maiche

No one needing me anywhere, Free to roam again
Breakfast ain’t appetizing, walls ain’t fun to look at
The wolves ropes me in, look up to me, I lead the pack

The Monkey loses his footing and his hand slips down the vine


The earth sleeps in eternal agony
Misery walks on alone through La Luna y El Sol
That marked the beginning of The End
Do they all turn to Ghost in The End, then?
It ended before it began

Gold Lips
Silver Hips
Iron Fists

Can the dead dance?
Can the dead dance?
Can the dead dance?
Can the dead dance?

The Norovirus, Rabbit’s foot
There’s only One Star in the sky
She’ll cry you a river, ..Eventually

You always use your fingers
To pluck out all the stingers
A bumblebee on a flower
She’s been out there for three hours

Gold Lips
Silver Hips
Iron Fists

Sleepwalkers and incongruity
Will I still be me then?


She keeps tugging on my shirt like it’s threaded with my heart-strings
I wear her smile on my lips, I wear her laugh lines on my cheek

Centripetal Force first draws you nearest to me
Magnets that I carry keep you stuck on me
Don’t know if you were or weren’t in love with me
Your body is the operating system and I am the hack
Once I insert my code your system malfunctions

A state of reverence in your nerve endings
Your posture adored affinity
Hennessey – come home with me
Religion glows as St. Elmos’ Fire’s about your eyes

You are the stitching of my heart
My Saving Grace, my Hiding Place
Your lips, a ball I am chained to
Plant one on me – watch it detonate

I listen to your footsteps quake
I hear each echo, reverberate
I think of what’s between her legs
I love the crack in your lips, smiling effortless
You steal my heart when I stare at your tits

“She woke up and took me by the hand”
& then we started to dance again.


Love Alert
I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up
No Man’s Zone
Where angels and demons fear to tread
So I don’t wake up strung-out
I sleep on the right side of the bed

You’re the bomb like Bombay
You’re the Bermuda triangle
Because I get lost in you
Set the clocks fast,
Because when you smile time stops
Let’s hot box the car with laughing gas
roll up the windows and burst up ‘til our sides split
I will pin my tail on your donkey…
If you were a fishing pole and I was the line
I’d be nearly all the way reeled in

You’re the first candle I light on the menorah
the fourth leaf I find on the clover
the Harold to my Kumar
the Cheech to my Chong
I want to take you down to Kokomo
Our hearts pump in time and never miss a beat

Batter, batter swing!
Out of the park! Homerun!
Hit the ball all the way to the north pole.


“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks
“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rock
“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rock

Yearly physical I burnt a hole in my throat
Let my armor fall.. I slipped and I cried

“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks
“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks

A Fighting Bicker release the tension
Into the well THE HOLY WATER in Dissension
Divine Intervention
“The City That Never Sleeps”

“Where trouble melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks
“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks

She blasted me into space, “Please make it home soon.”
POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY.. No limits when we are one

“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks
“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks
“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks

One hand gripping the Trapeze Swing
A trench of needles underneath
A monkey saunters across a balance beam
A lioness leaps through a fiery ring

“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
And stars fall like molten rocks
“Where troubles melt like lemon drops”
Stars fall like molten rocks

Will somebody get this spotlight off me?


When the clouds finally parted
My heart ticked like a time bomb
The party survived then the party deceased
Got frost bite from a false alarm
The prototype becomes inadequate

Frozen in time – A simple cryonic device
Frozen in time – A simple cryonic device
Abominable Snowman
He’s singing in the rain as he melts away
Abominable Snowman
He’s singing in the rain as he melts away

A haunter hovers above
An echo show infrared
I search for companionable countenance
Your animal eyes scrounge me for meat

Hocus Pocus, I Lose My Focus
Psi Static Into The Ether
Psychotic Undertone
Silver Slivered Moon Connotations

The Heat Is On,”
So “Lay It On Me Real Thick”
The Cat Is Out Of The Bag,”
So “Stick It To The Man”

4D form in a 3D world
Eons drip from your ceiling
Light years a ray from your sun
A quivering telephone zaps signals
Outside of time

Made a deal with the Devil
Broke it and was struck to Hell
For all of an eternity

OMINOUS (July 20, 1969)

If you’re looking for me
I am in every crack you could slip through
I’m behind you when you aren’t turned around
I’m perched on your shoulder
When you are only looking at your feet
I’m tweaking your misfiring codes
When you are dreaming up a lullaby

I arrive at the time the world begins
I leave here when the raging battle
Between Devil and God ends

The deep sky shook with a haze of gray
The ancient earth offered up hell to pay
The shimmering gold of the blank panther’s eye
Gives you a good show
Before he takes his first flight

If I may, then I might
Raise the glass with your problem
And shatter it, opening night

Aroused without the ‘A’ is just ‘Roused.’
Appeal without the ‘E’ is just ‘Appall.’

Breaking out of the ozone
To be received into space


Dog shit on my shoe
Oh well, what can I do
Have to dig up some loot
To Make It Home To You

Watch me flip to 11-D
Parallel dimension
Mode: Incognito, invisible
Seems to me I am lost
Why is everyone speaking backwards?

I am upside down
Walking on the ceiling
If I took one more step
This black hole would swallow me whole

The elevator ain’t go up
It’s going left to right
Take one small leap
Break the laws of gravity

Earth was never the place for me
The atmosphere too enshrouding
Transcending the boundary
Say goodbye to solid ground

A conundrum of esoteric
You have reached Astronautica
Boundless, infinite, great unknown
A fraction of existence unperceived
Now, which planet to explore first



Death, a heartwarming exposition
Snug against your bones
A size tailored to fit
A cashmere sweater your Grand-Mother knit

Thinking of your bust makes me bust
Do flowers dream or snore or snooze?
How does a dream come true?
Polka rock – I’m on the dot
This Jamais Vu – Outrageous

“The Energizer Bunny”
My vital signs a segment
A break in the radium of the rhythm
Epicenter; Planet Earth
Typhoon garners strength

Pristine Crystalline Pitter, Pitter pattering
Crystal Pristalline Patter, Patter Pittering
Yin battles Yang for Polarity
Yin battles Yang for Polarity
The Way You Move like Floating On Water
Feel the planets rotate
The Way You Move like Walking On Water
Death is a living being
Death is a living being


The illusion of a contusion
Once upon a Super Moon
The allusion of a confusion
If you think you are safe
You are mistaken
Oh, Man is a giddy thing

Put me down with the softest kiss
Put me down
Put me down in the sweetest bliss
There is no water left in this cloud

No relations, no correspondence
I sing myself to sleep to get through these nights
Not one for running
Could I write a lap around the track?

Choking on thick, dark air
Is there someone watching over me?
Are you out there?
Man is a giddy thing

Dry, swollen lungs that heave
Is there someone right behind me?
Winding up my winding key
I can’t really see
Man is a giddy thing

Put me down with the softest kiss
Put me down
Put me down in the sweetest bliss
Once upon a Super Moon


A wilted Antherium in the noon-day Sun
Always traveling at the ‘Speed of Light
Absolute Fucking Zero

The Big Break
It was quite the thing to see

From Riches to Rags
Heart in the Wrong Place
Age of Technology
Burning a hole in my pocket
Drop it like ‘The Dow’

Hostage to the State, ‘In Vein’
Sadism and Masochism
Upside-Down Coercion
A Sick, Strange World
Destroyed Youth
Forced Oppression
Faking It Every Day

The Muck and the Mire
A Puppet on a String
In Clover
All Wheel Drive
Full Throttle

I Hear the Traveling Circus!
I Stumble into a Sarcophagus
And Bury The Hatchet
Of The Fretful Countess
Inimical Demogogue

The Haunted Estates
Of a Supernatural Apparition
Obverse Antipodean
The Non-Entity of a False Witness
Endearing Reflection exemplifying
A Listless Dejection

After the Atomic Bomb
A Quarantined Contaminant
I am the Last Man Alive
A Sordid Ghost, To No Avail
Distressed and Skilled to Possess
Genocide on the Horizonless Sphere
The Demotivated Abduction of
A Pericardium’s Muscle

This Copper Cloud reminds
An uproarious Ceremonium
Dedicated to Mustard Gas

Mind-Bending Orchids, Miasmatical in the Trenches
Always Ringing at the ‘Speed of Sound’
Absolute Fucking Zero

Stay Dead.


When the tough gets going, the going gets tougher
When the sun rises earlier the nights will seem longer
At the taste of bloodshed. It’s eyes will get wider
Strike Lightning Strike!
The nightfall beckons The dead men rise
The recently deceased brought back to life
The tide crashes and turn over
The hourglass drops a shard of sand

You must have a Black Heart, Robot
Under U.V.
Something’s happened here that we can’t see

Who is at your window?
The blood-thirsty Zombie
Replica of your own-damned-self
Coming to eat you alive
Fanged and black-eyed
Banging on the door,
“Let me in!!! Let me in!!!”


A fire on the funeral pyre
Faith in Lord Satan
The Devil and his Mistress

What you’ll find upon your descent
The High Desert Vultures raiding the air
The last you’ll see:
The look in the Vulture’s eye

You’re dead!
You’re dead!
The Vultures you can still see in your head
You’re dead!
You’re dead!
The Vulture’s you will still see in your head

It’s a rush of the quixotic
The screaming of the hawk
A séance –
They wait on their prey
To sink in their talons

It’s going over your head!
It’s going over your head!
Circling Vultures, grouted from drought, wait the night
They’re hovering right above your head

The cracks in the clay never fill
They grow exponentially until they split
Your bones, gnawed and thrashing,
Hurdled into the pit
The fire starts upon your ripened skin
An easy catch to spark the flame
Dried and rough
You burn like brush

You’re dead!
The crazed Vulture’s image ingrained in your head


Repetition Permutation Syncopation
Oscillation Cohabitation Isolation

Frosty Vindaloop Death frozen over
My tongue stuck on a pole, Aphasiac
Finding solace in the wolfing hour
Boorish horseman lost his head
Now holds no appeal
Tell all the kids Santa isn’t real
Have them wait in line for the Electric Chair

Maximize potential while I stack up my credentials
A dropper of blood I see it is incalculable
Under my hat a Pipe Dream
I am literature in a Dimensional League
Lonely planet from the outside I peep in

Compartmentalize Metamorphosize
Exponentialize Synthesize

My knife can carve a chunk out a pumpkin
My knife can carve a chunk out your face
My knife can slice off your head
My knife can slice of your !!!
My mind a fly bath that flies will come graze in
When they need cleaned

If dirty is how you want to play
Earth is a noxious seminal
I’m trying to escape
Imaginary battles
I wake up throwing punches at Space
They can control everything, you know
There’s someone to blame here
But it’s not you and it’s not me

Transform Transfix Trans-permeate Transgress


I am a green soldier in the yellow army
I am an old cartoon that never plays in reruns
I am an archive of memorium deleted
I am a book stolen and burned in Fahrenheit 451
I am the calm before the storm
I am the building after the fire
I am the town after the hurricane
I am the city after the flood
I am the town after the bombs
I am the battlefield after the War

If my body is a bank then I am internally bankrupt
If my body is a bank then I am internally bankrupt
If my body is a bank then I am internally bankrupt
If my body is a bank then I am eternally bankrupt

I am nailed to the crucifix
An action figure on the shelf
You haven’t touched in years
They take me apart
They put me back together wrong

Lungs a gas chamber
Head in the clouds
I ain’t ever coming down
Lungs a gas chamber
Head in the clouds
I’m not coming down
I won’t come down
I ain’t ever coming down

I Am The Fleshy Bones And I Approve This Message

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