My mum says I’m useless

  February 10th, 2019 by sugarcoated

I have graduated high school and I am starting university soon. And I managed to keep my job, despite being told I would be fired at the end of January.

No matter what I accomplish, education and employment, the two important things my mum has been bugging me about my whole life, I’m still useless.

I was actually happy for once since the worst year of my life last year, but every time I do something that I, myself, am proud of, like getting accepted into university, I get nothing but a “good job” then it’s back to the insults of how “useless” I am and how I get nothing done.

For now, I can’t move out because I do not have the money for it.

I’m just so tired of how my parents, especially my mum, look at the worst in me even when I’m trying to show that I am not useless.

For anyone that tells me not to listen to her, it’s my mum, her opinion counts the most.

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