The suicide of a young mother

  February 10th, 2019 by Rainwatch

The other day I heard about the suicide of a young mother. I didn’t know her personally but someone I knew was acquainted with someone who knew her. I believe implicitly that everyone should reserve the right to end their life if they wish but if you’re a mother of young children ( in this tragic case under five years of age) are you not obliged to continue. I have no children myself, in my mental state bringing children into this world is out of the question but if I did have children suicide would be off the menu. I’m not judging this mother, I’ve been on the receiving end of judgement concerning my own suicidal impulses and it achieves nothing but if you have brought children into the world are you not duty bound to hang on until they’re at least 18. Perhaps this was a spur of the moment suicide but in my experience most suicides have been building up over the years and are not done in the heat of the moment. I kind of know the hellish battle this mother had to face before checking out because thoughts of my family are what stops me from completing but you reach a point where you go through with it anyway. The suicide of a mother or father for that matter with young children has always struck me as the most tragic, may she rest in peace.

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