For some reason I’m here….

  March 9th, 2019 by reallywhocares

My child is relentlessly bullied by 1 black kid at his school. I say his race because it is why he is immune to any type of discipline, like suspension and so on. That one kid does employ of few other kids as his henchmen randomly, but he is the “man”.

Nothing can be done do to the Racial Equity Policies set up to insure BAD kids remain and good kids get punished. Assault, harassment on all levels including sexual, theft, constant intimidations, barging into classes, in the middle of class to deliver hate notes to my child, and so on. Displaying PORNOGRAPHIC images and videos in class on his personal Cellphone to other 6th graders. Reported, next day, kid had his phone like nothing was up. But Its been all year, the incidents have been reported, reported, and reported, to the school, to the district, and this kid hasn’t missed a beat, just keeps upping the rhythm.

The school walls are just DRIPPING with all types of anti bullying propaganda like “BE A BUDDY NOT A BULLY” that isn’t doing jack, or shit but enraging me further when I come in because of a HORRIBLY FAILING RACIST POLICY that only makes sure that prison populations, and VICTIM populations will continue to go up. If you fear no consequence or judgment, have no respect for any type of authority, that is the end game anyway for this particular demographic.

The propaganda is frustrating to see EVERYTIME I go in to talk to an assistant vice principal, that doesn’t care, and a non existent principal, who seems she always has something else going on that she can’t attend the meetings. There have been 4 this semester alone.

Nothing will be done until white kids in that school, like mine, start misbehaving more. Which they very well may or not, I would, if I was always under attack and NOΒ  ONE in a place of authority did anything about it… sooner or later they are going to lash out. And then they will be called racists. Like the teachers are called RACIST when they try to discipline them.

We are all just so fucking racist. oh yes, so racist. Thats why I didn’t hesitate to help out my neighbor who lost her daycare and desperately needed emergency cheap daycare. That was 4 years ago, she has the cheapest daycare in this city. I walk out and make sure he gets on the bus, and meet him every day at his bus for the past 4 years too, so fuck off with your racism. Oh, he is black by the way. for some reason I didn’t hate him. I’m selectively Racist apparently.

Piled on top of injustice after injustice that is forced on my innocent child, and the OTHER innocent children. 1 kid acts up in class, 29 kids that did NOTHING get punished. The bad one gets to sit in a special chair for a minute and runs out at the bell. Forcing the 29 to take the punishment of being held in class so they are ALL late, and ALL have to run like hell to their next class, all because they did nothing!!!!! But follow the rules. The bad kid, he’ll be found wandering the hallway like a fucking rock star. The power he must feel. what a rush.

My kid is a straight A student and his teachers love him. but he’s white, so he’s a racist, and he has white privilege to blame for all that positivity, and hard work he and his parents put in to ensure those grades stay As. We can’t win because we are racists. I have had nothing to do with anything against any other race. I don’t promote hate, but the more tolerance and love I show, it comes back to me in the form of illogical and confused selfishly driven blind hate. I’m stuck in a rage loop, everything is corrosive. Reached out to parents, hand slapped back. Reached out to the school..”nothing we can do”.

My existence is being pushed into hate, frustration, rage, I get paralyzed by it because I cant follow through with what they are starting, I refuse to. Like the way the schools think punishing 29 good kids because 1 kid decided to act up, the 29 can’t punish the kid that is acting up, the school, under privacy policies here, won’t tell the parents. So nothing will change, other than changing those 29 good kids into the 1 shit kid. This policy applies everywhere, only economic status’s are the dividers in schools where there is little to no racial diversity.

Why protect those that DO NOT DESERVE PROTECTION!?? Why protect those that INTENTIONALLY HURT others? and ENJOY HURTING OTHERS???? Like really enjoy it, I’ve seen these same kids harassing a child to the point of crying. The children just laughed at this kid. I know it isn’t a race thing, its just they are apparently trained to enjoy making others miserable, or are being abused at home and acting out on others. But they really enjoy it whatever the cause. Once they get the desired reaction of pain. They danced and sang all around em. its insanity.

Then you have the mindless parents saying “oh kids just being kids” no, unchecked, unparented, unguided kids, enjoying the torture their peers and other people, isn’t just “being kids”. That is the breeding ground for everything that is wrong with our society today.. locally.

Simple parenting, guidance and instructions on HOW to live in a civil society would help. But No parent wants to talk about it. They are either SCARED, like me, or just don’t give a shit, OR think everything is FINE. As lone as we have these policies things will continue to get worse. Theres my rant, what a waste of time.

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