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Java, and temporary love. (A little bit of light hearted coffee talk)

by Once

Does anyone else. . .


. . . get the warm fuzzies from coffee? Sure, caffeine boosts our physical whatever processes, makes our whatchamacallit organ pump out more whatever it is that fills us full of energy and helps us tolerate the early morning hours, annoying co-workers who are similarly tolerating us, and a network of highways and streets jammed with worker ants streaming towards jobs they hate, in order to satisfy an invisible queen threatening to sever our heads with the powerful, razor sharp pincers of failure and ruin, but does it fill anyone with the feeling that all is well in the sewer of sick society we trudge through, all in the name of progress and achievement?

I am currently three sheets to the caffeinated coffee wind. A large dark roast with three sugars, two creams and a small loaf of banana bread. I’m at work, sitting in a van in the parking lot of a convenience store (the one where I purchased this atomic concoction of chemical crud), with about an hour and a half of down time (why aren’t we allowed to say “half an hour and an hour” to describe ninety minutes?) and right now, life is just splendidly grand. All around me are fellow humans, all of whom I love, sympathize and empathize with, doing their daily duty and participating in this extremely wonderful process of living, in which anything is possible and all barriers can be overcome, simply by consuming highly flammable coffee.

Can’t everlasting world peace be achieved over coffee? Can’t crime and evil be overcome over a hot cup of Joe? Shouldn’t we be able to down a cup of crud and walk hand in hand, merrily singing happy songs of love and fellowship? Would birds light upon our shoulders and sing to us their soulful songs of simplicity and freedom? Shouldn’t the homeless and the corporate magnate dine over healthy vegetarian feasts of wholesome earth food while joyfully worshipping Mother Earth and her bustling bounty?

Does caffeine fill anyone else with this artificial happiness, creating a splendidly beautiful artificial sheen of love through which they view The Sickness?

Or is it just me?

There’s a saying – “You don’t buy coffee, you rent it.” Sigh. Time to go return it. Hope this store has a public restroom.



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PatheticMale 3/27/2019 - 2:54 pm

I personally dont like caffeine. I drink energy drinks but I do it for the sugar. For some reason I dont get the caffeine high from them like I do from coffee. I dont enjoy the caffeine high. It just gives me nothing but this weird body high, almost like an itch that is not comfortable for me. It doesnt give me any mental stimulation or confidence at all. Almost like the opposite, the other end of the stimulants spectrum from cocaine that I do very rarely but I really enjoy it. From coke I get no physical “uneasiness” just a huge confidence boost and thought stimulation.

GoodLuck2UAll 3/27/2019 - 2:57 pm

Yes. I guess I associate coffee with good memories. You must too. Sitting in a coffee shop relaxing and socializing with others is nice, but coffee actually increases a stress hormone making you more stressed. It has also been linked to increased anxiety and depression. As for me, it makes me think more. Could be good or bad.

Once 3/27/2019 - 5:54 pm

Yeah, Pathetic male and Goodluck, it’s a very pleasant sensation for about an hour. There’s the rush from the sugar, accompanied by the most soothing calming joy. It’s like a mini nirvana, all is well with the world, etc. Caffeine pills alone don’t provide it, and sugar alone only amps me up like sugar can, so maybe it’s the trio of coffee, sugar AND caffeine that works so nicely. The hell with all the prescription drugs for depression /anxiety – this feeling is what I crave. Thanks for replying, have a good one.

GoodLuck2UAll 3/27/2019 - 10:08 pm

No problem. Caffeine is great, but sadly no longer strong enough. Have a good one too.

rivets 3/27/2019 - 6:46 pm

No, I require a less strong stimulant, lime amphetamine for the warm-fuzzies. Caffeine is ob de debil. Withdrawal is the pits. Like a thousand migraines all condensed into one inch of brain. Give me cocaine over that any day. Gah.

Once 3/27/2019 - 10:08 pm

Lol. Yikes. Snort snort. Coke withdrawal is the worst for me. I’m a lightweight.

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