On the importance of change

  March 14th, 2019 by AgentQ

There is a fundamental rule in physical training: that is the rule of specificity.

What this rule means is that one will improve exactly the movement one trains. If i bench press again and again my bench will improve. I will not have a stronger punch. If i want a strong punch, i must practice punching. You get the idea.

This reflects a fundamental truth in life that a human being will adapt to whatever is their environment — good, bad, the same, etc.

Why is this important in discussing suicide and depression? Because if you are suicidal and that urge is somehow connected to your lifestyle or environment — and it is because really it can’t not be — then you CANNOT help but be depressed while continuing to stay in that environment or in those lifestyle habits.

If you are trying to get better trying to get better trying to get better….but you’re not actually changing your life in large, measurable ways then you are going to keep falling back into the black hole…and we all know that already, but we adjust to our misery because, as i said, we cannot help but become better at whatever we are doing day in and day out…

The words in our heads are not real. They are fictitious. Actions are real. Actions actually happen and create change in our lives. Words can either release us or ensnare us.

They say a stupid person does the same thing again and again and expects different outcomes. Intelligent people change their approach.

Not in comfortable ways that flesh with preestablished beliefs, but stepping outside the box.

And for christ’s sake, if we are at the point of wanting to end our lives… what in the hell is their to lose by letting go of what we believe and throwing ourselves into change?

Just my two cents returning from a 3 day trip out of state back to my normal daily habits and noting the vast difference in my outlook on life as a whole between the rote and novel.

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