So, today was even worse.

  March 23rd, 2019 by crazykidfrommars

I survived. The iron didn’t kill me, just made me ill. I texted all my friends to let them know I survived to their relief. Everything seemed to be okay afterwards.

Then, there’s today. I mean, yesterday was terrible because my father’s dog is seriously ill and had diarrhea. Since its in the house, it had a lot of crap everywhere that required a lot of cleaning and time. I was also sick after my attempt so that was added to the mess.

But, at least no one was fighting each other.

Today was a nightmare from hell. My father was pissy, I couldn’t stop crying, my mother was getting berated by my father about the dog (he loves the dog more than us but that’s not saying much.) It was a typical day, but for some reason, I couldn’t hold back the waterworks. I sobbed and sobbed like a baby. I wanted to punch something. My father’s made all of our lives a living hell, but when I speak up, I get silenced. Why?

Honestly, I wished the attempt work. I love and will miss my friends but I can’t take it anymore. I’m thinking of running into the woods near my house with my extension cord and hanging from a tree somewhere late at night.

I really want to end it all. I’m ready to die.

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