The weirdest thing

  March 16th, 2019 by hope432

I still return here although :

1)I am no longer suicidal and I have not been suicidal in the last 3-4 years

2) I’ve improved a lot my health

3) I am about to improve my finances

4)I have found meaning in life

5) I have also had other achievements and I constantly find others

The thing is dear suicide users of this website our world is crazy or rather empty like hell.

I prefer this website because:

1)the news are terrible all the time and mostly boring or empty

2)95% of websites and forums are souless and people if healthy at all engage in arguments all the time. And I am not talking only about youtube’s comments.

3) I have not real friends left

4) I find you more meaningful even if most of the time you just talk about your pain.

5) Life as an adult although it has many opportunities(for me at least…) it’s still more empty than life in childhood when I enjoyed some very good video games, played outdoors with other kids and we played many games

6)There is no shame in spending time on this website especially that the world is so crazy, empty, full of lies and stupidity.

7)There is still hope and a way out. We are the ones who see clearly the dark side of reality. If we manage to get stronger than others and find a MEANING in existence, we can achieve a interesting and beautiful life.

The world is an illusion and for many a hell but there are also places similar to paradise.

I prefer to live no matter what. It’s up to you to decide.

Anyway, I think you are special and much better than the everyday average human being. So, I still return to this website.

And yes, life without being suicidal is possible.





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