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by mranony

I had the most irritating debate about rape with this one person that keeps correlating two entirely different matters. He doesn’t have enough data to back up his stands and we keep on coming back on the non-relating matter.


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freeroma 3/11/2019 - 2:41 pm

Some people will back up an unsupported argument no matter what. Not worth the energy trying to show them otherwise.

mranony 3/12/2019 - 12:21 pm

Yeah, it was so tiring (especially because we kept on going in circles).

Cause of Death: Suicide 3/12/2019 - 1:11 am

I don’t get what is so debatable about rape. Rape is forcing someone into sexual contact, penetration or any type of genital stimulation without their consent.

If they are very drunk or drugged and that makes them consent that is date-rape. Because your judgement is not there when intoxicated, so you shouldn’t be forced into making those decisions.

Sexual abuse would be like forcing someone to listen to or watch you have sexual intercourse or pornography.

Lewd Conduct is like making inappropriate sexual talk that goes too far or exposing your genitals to someone without consent.

Pedophila – sexual gratisfaction from children
Paraphilia – sexual gratisfaction from people who are asleep and unable to resist or decline
Necrophilia – sexual gratisfaction from dead bodies

A lot of young girls get plagued by these types of abuse.

mranony 3/12/2019 - 12:30 pm

You know what’s fucked? The people present on the scene know that it’s rape but they chose to blame the victim because they were long-time friends with the rapist. They moved on from it but she hasn’t.

Cause of Death: Suicide 3/13/2019 - 1:07 am

A quote I read today from a very wise poet: “You are born to suffer.”

a1957 3/12/2019 - 9:10 pm

Something like 4 out of 10 girls will be experiencing something out of that list. Some people think it is worse than 4 out of ten due to under reporting. If normies ever took that number to heart I bet birthrates would take another hit.

muspelhem 3/12/2019 - 10:48 pm

And lots of men will die alone and unnoticed and unloved. Such is life. It doesn’t only suck for women, although you’d never know it from the way most of society talks these days.

Women get sexually abused because demand for intimacy outstrips (no pun intended) supply. Meaning that women are the gatekeepers of sex. Which men don’t always accept. Which is awful. But I don’t think it’s more awful than some homeless guy freezing to death because society doesn’t care about men who fail.

I don’t condone incel violence, but their worldview developed for a reason. Society is most women mating with a minority of the most successful men. And society doesn’t care about the men who don’t make the cut. They can rot. Which they often do, after they kill themselves.

Cause of Death: Suicide 3/13/2019 - 1:06 am

Muspelhem, you’re post had brought to mind a very valid thought. Does the man who is freezing alone and cold, is he worrying about which “good looking” lady will be host of his seed, or which girl is loose and ready to mingle without a rubber, or if he is successful enough to achieve bang bang? No, that man is fighting for a warm place to sleep and is not transfixed by an overwhelming urge to mate, he is overwhelmed by the desire to achieve warmth, security, a cup of warm tea for god sake. He probably thinks of mating slim one day out of 365. But round here we get your “rich” 16 year olds that must have a woman attached to them at all times, because they have NOT known that struggle!! They have not been left to die in the cold. They have not had to fight that illness. That man is fighting for his life, not for a woman. You know, he probably doesn’t even worry about woman for sexual contact only takes them as companionship. This all is trivial to someone as downtrodden, marooned, and cast off as that man dying in the cold.

You think he’s dying for a companion? No, he’s dying for a warm cup of tea, a blanket, and a loaf of bread.

freeroma 3/13/2019 - 2:58 am

muspelhem, your argument doesn’t account for boys who are abused, or for those who get sex from consensual adults who still perpetrate.
There’s no intimacy in what is taken by force. Women don’t owe men anything regardless, aside from the common courtesy all people should be shown.
And sexual relationships aren’t the only way one can get affection or have companionship, or support. If someone falls through the cracks, which does actually happen to both genders and dies alone in the cold, it’s not because of sex and no one here was trying to compare the two besides you. Those who use a lack as an excuse to commit what deserves castration have no sympathy.

muspelhem 3/13/2019 - 11:36 am

@cause-of-death-suicide Those two things are connected. Why are homeless people overwhelmingly men? Because a) women date men based on social status, which means men compete for it, which means that society doesn’t care about men who fail, and b) if men fail, they have nothing that society wants. Nothing. Women ALWAYS have something, because no matter how ugly a woman’s looks and personality, there are men out there who want to sleep with her, meaning she can always get a warm bed for the night, if she really wants it. And I’m not just talking prostitution. Think of the number of men who provide for a woman their entire working lives. This is not a viable option for most men.

muspelhem 3/13/2019 - 11:56 am

@freeroma Why do I have to account for boys who are abused? I was responding to a woe-is-me comment about the rape of women. But yes, boys are abused too, by gay men, by paedophiles, and,.I suspect, by overly horny straight men (e.g. in prisons). I should know, it has happened to me. Does any feminist give a fuck? Of course not.

“Women don’t owe men anything”

Then why do I as a man owe women: a) accepting their absurd spiel where they complain about men being in power, but date men based on social status, complain about men being brutes, but date men based on masculinity, and b) accepting their relationship preferences (largely committed relationships (including a pricey marriage ceremony) until they get bored with the sex, then cheat or dump the guy and move onto the next), and c) accepting that society ascribes them moral superiority in every matter, simply for voicing (and ruthlessly pursuing) their idiosyncratic preferences, and airing their biased complaints?

If women don’t owe me anything, why is our entire society set up to cater for women and their safety and happiness? Why do men go to war to protect women? To the point that every young boy is force-fed military propaganda to toughen him up so he can be a good protector for his pasty “princess”?

freeroma 3/13/2019 - 3:05 pm

You’re doing what OP was posting about, and im likely wasting my energy…

Comments about women being raped from someone who experienced it isn’t what I see as a woe is me comment. And you claiming women are the gateway for sex does not account for males, or still for those who get sex elsewhere being abusers.
And decent people do care about and don’t stand for males being abused, which counts for actual feminists, perhaps not what some view the term as but the core believers, yeah.

You don’t owe those types of women anything more than the basic courtesy you should get. Does that always happen? Nope. But people are generally rude anyway, so it’s not surprising.
Those traits you complain about also aren’t a one gender issue, either.
Not sure what you think you are owed then, but it’s certainly not sex for simply being a male. And where i live, women serve in the military too (and rape still happens there to both genders). The male draft here was recently deemed unconstitutional because of it, and while it’s not clear what the next step for that is, certainly wont see women as princesses.
Also plenty women doing quite unprincesslike work (yknow, cleaning, hard labour, dirty jobs) to support themselves and their interests without male support. Pale also ain’t the same as pasty. And rapists don’t make the best protectors, do they?
I get you saw your mother constantly demean your father and maybe haven’t had a lot of contact with decent women, but that doesn’t make your blanket statements or assumptions right. And if society were really set up as you say, i dont think so many women would be getting abused, which doesn’t make for a happy person or a safe one.

muspelhem 3/13/2019 - 6:33 pm

What I am doing is stating my opinion. If you don’t like it, fine. But don’t condescend me because I’m not on your white knight trip.

Men want sex more than women do. If men decided when sex happened, the world would look more gay hookup culture. But straight men don’t decide that. We prostrate ourselves, humiliate ourselves, work ourselves half to death in the hope of some mediocre woman taking pity on us. Lots of men think they’re “becoming the best version of themselves” or “self-actualizing”, or “getting a life”, or working out or “putting their career first”, but at the end of the day, they’re mostly doing those things to be deemed good enough. They just buy into the B.S. because they’re not that bright.

Regarding your version of feminism’s motte and bailey fallacy, I judge feminism by the behavior of the vast majority of feminists who dehumanize and demonize men, and shut down any disagreement. Sure, a handful of them are smart and fine, but I’m so over what you just did, namely pretending that feminists care about men (you’d think if they cared, they wouldn’t ridicule male suicide. This may be pushing it, but they might even… show some curiosity?)

Yeah, basic respect, not being dehumanized, an honest public debate rather than this charade where women can do no wrong and men get fired for disagreeing. And maybe they could fuck off out of our “spaces”, as they call them, since they don’t interact with most of us anyway.

Regarding the military, lol. You may want to look.at the numbers. Not exactly 50/50. But yeah, kudos to women for joining in, now that warfare happens by button-push anyway. I’m sure all the men in unmarked graves across the world would really appreciate that gesture.

Yeah, some women do dirty jobs. Funnily enough, they don’t tend to be Western women, do they? Pasty = pale, fat, loud, piggish, very sure of own worth despite IQ in the low range, and little in the way of charm or sophistication. Still constantly getting validated by men, though. Hence the inflated sense of importance.

No, rapists don’t make the best protectors. I never claimed that. Still, we all now women like a borderline rapist. The possibility of rape is nice to entertain. Nothing worse than a harmless nice guy.

Ah yes, all these abused women, who for some reason have to inflate the statistics to be taken seriously. I wonder why?

freeroma 3/13/2019 - 8:54 pm

Ha, like I need white knights. But again, the main post was discussion on rape and correlating insisting upon discussing non related matters. Can’t see how my point was invalid, or that pointing it out is condescending.

Sex drive- assumption, stereotype. And sex is consensual, goes both ways. There’s ladies out there who arent getting laid either, not deemed “good enough”. I know I’m not going to be with someone, or that someone would want to be with me just because we both have genitals. (I guess in roundabout way to do with rape? Having a high sex drive regardless doesn’t mean one can force themselves on whoever they want).

Core members, still stand by that point. And bringing back the point of decent folk. Sorry you think it’s condescending to specify and acknowledge not everyone is the same. And suicide in general is still a taboo topic and those who commit tend to be ridiculed by a certain kind of folk, regardless. There’s usually more coverage for the young and attractive (both genders), but that goes for just about everything doesn’t it? (Not to do with rape)

Yeah, women get fired too for being incompetent and causing problems, so obviously they can do wrong. What exactly are your spaces, cuz I dont understand from the text. (Not to do with rape)

And you think it’s only men who get thrown in unmarked graves? Not just men who die or are tortured during war mate. No the numbers aren’t even, but the west is still getting over whatever made them think european women weren’t capable of anything. I doubt the numbers will ever be even either. Plenty of women have fought over the world, even before firearms. (Your point not to do with rape)

Yeah, actually do live in the West. And maids, cleaning companies have never seem to have many males, have they… many many women at work actually getting their hands dirty beyond that field though. That description certainly applies to both genders as well, inflated egos certainly stuck to one type of person though. (Not to do with rape)

We don’t actually all know that. I dont tend to associate with predators, and neither do sane people. Of course both genders (something I seem to repeat quite a bit here) tend to disbelieve victims, which is unfortunate and harmful. I dont see how making an educated guess on unreported crimes is the same as inflating statistics either. (To do with rape)

I note you didn’t state what you think you’re owed either. It seems to be something since you’re so upset over what you aren’t getting. Whatever it is wouldn’t have to do with rape either.

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