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by scarlatigiuseppe

Somebody clear up the

fucking turmoil in my head

it’s a roller coaster heart

on my sleeve, i’m in a labyrinth

I don’t know how I came 

in, somebody end me take

me the fuck away, it’s a 

virus, a dangerous virus

I own it’s inside of me,

coursing through my veins

it’s in my bones baby

fucking break them, let

it out i’m exhausted, I

can’t survive it’s a 

fucking loop, somebody

fucking end me somebody

cure me, I need to fix

this baby it’s critical, it’s

inside of me I am the virus

I’m sick in the head, and

it’s so fucking toxic next

thing’s asylum , hold

me back don’t let me

write, don’t let me

write on my skin

somebody fucking end


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