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by Teresa's Child

I know it’s pretty cliche for antisocial people to like the Joker, but honestly the dude is onto something. There needs to be more movies highlighting society’s cruelty toward the mentally ill. It doesn’t even have to be over the top cruelty — just day to day actions people take toward mentally ill people are bad enough. For me, the scene where the Joker was trying to get help but the psychologist was just completely disconnected from his reality really hit home.


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freeroma 4/21/2019 - 9:27 am

Can’t remember where i know this song from.

Society has it’s up and downs with every group. It can be worse when professionals have a disconnect to the people they are trying to help than just passerbys or known folks being ignorant, i think. But the majority does not mean everyone.

Cause of Death: Suicide 4/22/2019 - 7:30 am

That reminds me of when a psychiatrist denied service to me because I ripped up a prescription she wrote me. Well, I looked up the side effects of the drug she was prescribing, after I talked to her for 20 minutes basically saying how terrible pills were to me and how I would never take medication again, so I look up the prescription it says “Eye Tremors” as a side effect.

Of course, a side effect of psychiatric pills is Eye Tremors. Just reminded me of a pal I knew in grade school, she had spent a year of junior high in the mental hospital, comes back the next year shows off her beautiful new Eye Tremors. Good lord, a whole year in the mental hospital. What the hell did they do to this poor girl? It’s no wonder she’s not around today. God dammit.

So of course I tear up the prescription. Of course they are to blame in her death. XD

I get a letter the next day. We regret to inform you the psychiatrist has denied to service you furthermore.
Ok, yeah, lady, you’re working for me. I’d have to offer you the position of my psychiatrist before you decline the position.
Of course she was just a stupid young psychiatrist, with no real knowledge. Position not offered.

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