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being positive

by nomorepain461

im  too scared (brave?) to commit suicide at this point. i really never did want that. i want to live and live well. but living can be hard when your poor, bad neighborhood, unemployed, getting older, sick, unloved, and judged. i have a good chance at my life improving, my life probably isnt even that bad. maybe im just a lazy whiner. i dont know. i have learned the worst things that are happening in life right now are things most dont know about, and people who have been through such can never talk about. a person cant come up to me saying how they were bullied at school or at work or are homeless or something, i wouldnt feel comfortable. i hate that but its true. 🙁 so i understand i must carry or sink with my burdens alone.  if anyone on here can understand any of this rambling, feel free to let me know. hope EVERYONE on here life improves. you all deserve to have your dreams realized.


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rocketman 5/27/2019 - 1:29 am

I think your just a lazy whiner! 🙂

I’m joking 🙂

Yes I understand and is understandable, your in pretty good shape, you will be fine, it’s hard to talk to people about things you have no control over , me too! You have a good attitude it doesn’t take money to be happy although it helps 🙂 being content really is what counts, whether your rich or poor if your not content your not happy. I’m content being alone most of the time, watching TV cooking you know hobbies. Wishing for things you don’t have is depressing, so just stop wishing and wait till you get them as your life improves! 🙂 Thinking positive brings positive things. Have a great day!

nomorepain461 5/27/2019 - 9:36 am

lol! Thanks Rocketman! your positivity is infectious! you have a good day yourself.

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