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First Post Here (Just trying to say hi)

by Kisser

First of all, im brasilian, so really sorry for my horrible english. My name is João Pedro, i wont say my full name bcs isnt time, but i will.
I really want to be honest, i fuckin saw a suicide note and i didnt say nothing, a person was about to die and i didnt say anyshit, screw me and if you want say something for me say it. I am a coward and always was one, so pls say it
I just come to talk and those things, i trying to forget about my fuckin familly and my relationship, that is going worse, bcs my familly moved to another city, why? Because they wanted, simple that :), really shit right?
So, if you want say your situation, unburden and something else, PLEASE SAY IT


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Cause of Death: Suicide 5/19/2019 - 4:12 pm

I have no family
I am homosexual
I want to die any day now by shotgun shell to head
I had to break my own neck
I have people following me
I’ve never had any friends

Kisser 5/20/2019 - 2:26 pm

Hey, really thank you for talking to me.
First, pls really pls talk to someone about those mother fucker that are following you and please they are the stranges here.
I was almost saying to you trying to make friends, but dont make if you dobt trust them and they dont threat you well, you did good not having any fake friend
And another thing you did good was supporting all os this until now, no family and friends, look how far you come, i dont blame anything you did, you come to here now.
Please dont kill yourself, i am a selfish idiot for saying that but please dont do it. Call the cops ou someone that can protect you from those idiots that are following you. If you wont have any friends continue talking here, internet cam connect everyone, try to find comunnities, like this here,
Again, you did goos holding up until now and please dont give up, if you have a job try to grow up on it and have a better life, if not pls study to get one and can live properly.
Hey come back at this site anytime that you want to talk or share
(Im from Brasil, really sorry for my horrible english i will try to improve it)

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