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I recently started cutting/scratching

by alals

I don’t do it very often, but when nothing else calms me down, I don’t really have a choice


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Hope Dream Love 5/21/2019 - 7:59 am

I’ve been cutting for years. Ok like 4 or 5 years. If you ever want to talk I’m here 🙂

clipped-wings 5/21/2019 - 9:33 am

I was a cutter when I was young. I rarely cut now but sometimes nothing else will do.

Cause of Death: Suicide 5/24/2019 - 2:44 pm

I never cut before, but I have started scratching and slamming my head against concrete walls. I have cracked my skull open in the past. Right now I bruises up and down my arm because I will bite them. Um, I guess I have some bad memories along with having no reason to continue living. I have though apart cutting. Sometimes I will imagine taking a pair of scissors just to my wrist and gently snipping a vein. I don’t know how my self-harm will pan out, if it will increase or decrease. I just know I was supposed to have committed 7 years ago. So anything that is happening now, I don’t know about.

Hope Dream Love 5/24/2019 - 3:44 pm

i got pissed off one day and hit myself in the head with what i was holding…..did you know stew pots really fucking hurt? lol cake pans dont feel the best either. but that ones dented now 🙂

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