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It’s the real world…

by LostInside

And I really never knew what I was doing until it was too late.

I kind of know where I am.

I always knew what I wanted but I never knew how to go about doing anything.

Gravity pulls us all down.

Will my dreams ever lift me up?

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rocketman 5/14/2019 - 6:24 am

Gosh good post, knowing what you want is half the battle, finding out how to achieve it is the other half.

Being realistic is very important, example If you want to be a sex symbol but you look like Bernie Sanders! it’s going to be a very hard road! 🙂

Far as dreams lifting you up, usually they do but the magic of achieving them wears off after a while normally.

you will always want to achieve another to get that feeling again.

Your love! it keeps on lifting me! it keeps on lifting me! higher and higher! Ghost Busters / Jackie Wilson 🙂

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