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“Man, I forgot that

by Rainwatch

Whilst driving to collect weed this morning my phone bleeped a text message alert. ” Here we go” I thought, there’s a problem. I clicked on the text with trepidation, it read ” man, I forgot that”, I couldn’t fucking believe it, I was halfway out to meet my connection and at the eleventh hour he texts an excuse of forgetfulness. No apology , just a declaration the weed had been forgotten. I read the text again, perhaps I had misinterpreted it. Perhaps this guy has been reading James Joyce, particularly ” Finnegan’s Wake” where English is written as a composite language. Perhaps “man, I forgot that” really means   ” No problem my end, drop out to collect your weed at your earliest convenience”. No such luck. The more intense your suicidal feelings the more relief marijuana provides. Alcohol is no friend of the suicidal character, Above 50 percent of all suicides have alcohol in their bloodstream. Alcohol is cheap for a reason, pot retails at 10 euro per joint. Everything has a value in the marketplace, the market is saying loud and clear that alcohol is garbage. I remember a slogan on a T-SHIRT   “God made grass, man made booze, who do you trust?” A truism is ever there was one.

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Cause of Death: Suicide 5/18/2019 - 3:50 am

I used to smoke weed daily for 5 years, quit for the last 3. I’ve been suicidal for 13 years. I probably would have committed already had I not had weed as a crutch. I like how you put it “The more intense your suicidal feelings, the more the relief.”

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