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Server unreachable

by darkwillow

Hey admins, many times when I’ve tried to log in since the change, it goes to a white page saying error and suggests it has some server issue. It’s happened about 4 times now


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Hope Dream Love 5/28/2019 - 3:46 pm

Same thing happens to me but only on my phone really. It goes to a black page and it depends where I log in. If I log in from the comments it comes up with a 404? I think I may have them ba awards but I do know the codes. And when I log in from the main screen it says 503. Weird. It can’t even pick a code lol

rocketman 5/28/2019 - 6:26 pm

yeah it stopped though, now I get a 708, it says drunk again go to bed! 🙂

rivets 5/28/2019 - 8:46 pm

That only happens when I’m really drunk and forget to ask for an SSL certificate. Or the server forgets to offer me one. Or something. Don’t ask me, it only happens when I’m really drunk.

spookichick 5/29/2019 - 4:57 am

same here

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