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Burning soul

by SwimmingPearls

Im exhausted and i can bearly breath. Im tired of this sick and mad world. Im still facing depression and it seems it will be attached to me forever. I force myself every single day to live,and even to eat! I cant get over my emotions, they are totally manipulating me,as if i were a puppet! A fuckimg meat puppet!

My anger is constantly increasing and i cant control it. I start having agressive responses and violence starts taking control over me. My emotions are constantly manipulating me and i can’t fucking get rid of that !

Im lost . Im angry with the fucking entire world . Im fucking screaming and dying inside. Just please, STOP KILLING ME !!!! AAAHHHGGGG I JUST HATE MYSELF SO FUCKING MUCH! WHY THE FUCK IM NOT JUST A NORMAL PERSON ?? WHY?WHY?

why? :'(

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Hope Dream Love 6/19/2019 - 4:33 pm

if it means anything to you i have a mood disorder and my anger can come out of the blue and take over. and yes it can be a pain at times but when i can i like to think maybe, just maybe, its good thing i have depression. its made me a more kind and caring person. you dont know what others are going though. not all problems are visible. and having the capability to see that myself allows me to be kinder. of course i dont allow myself to be walked on either. i show everyone the same respect until they lose it. sometimes even though i know it can be near impossible you have to see the good in the bad. its only impossible if you say it is. but if you believe it isnt the impossible can become possible. you just need faith in yourself.

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