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by justarandomguy

Im going to do it, Ive decided I want to die more than anything. I confided in my brother that my plan was to give my family one last memory of me happy on my holiday so I can feel less guilty about killing myself and he brushed me off, it was my last cry for help, I let my guard of a happy go lucky 18 year old down and told him and he brushed me off so im done yep im going to hang myself. does anyone know how to call emergency servies on a delay because I don’t want some six year to find my body leave in comments, I do not need someone to tell me not to do it just let me know if u can call a number on a delay so I will have time to hang myself before emergency services get there.

P.S Rocketman I just read your response they aren’t abusing me, my da got made redundant probs a week ago so my oldest brother is never home anymore cause he cant deal with my dad and I was tasked with making sure he doesn’t kill himself and my second oldest brother, well he is asd but very mildly, he is just a typical tradie so he doesn’t help and I get stuck with looking after them all making ure my second oldest doesn’t have alchohol poisoning making sure my oldest isn’t driving high or drunk making sure mum doesn’t have a nervouse breakdown and trying to help my dad but he is a workaholic so he spends every sing day now outside working but thanks so much for youre support im really sorry to put pressure on you. I guess im just out of love (It was my eighteenth today so that’s why I said 17 last post)

PP.S All mylife I have been very mature for my age blah blah blah and I have always viewed intelegence as and acheivments along with social life as a means of justifying self worth and now I have to drop out of uni and I never got to make friends ever because I had social anxiety so I was bullied severely with death threats and people telling me to kill myself, friends leaving me and me leaving friends so they wuldnt get bullied like me I ended up just cutting my wirsts outside of mathblock whilst I cried, but don’t worry im the happy kid who always had bandaids and was extra happy and tried to be extra funny so no one would see his inner turmoil because men are supposed to be strong, fuck I wish I was an ameican so I could get a gun but im Australian so im going to have to resort to other means.

please tell me if you can call emergency services on a delay, my brother found a guy that killed himself when he was fourteen and I don’t want some kid to find me

final edit: I will leave a proper suicide note in 13 days, I will go into detail why im making my descision because I ant the world to have some record of me after I die PEACE MOTHER FUckERS


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the end 6/10/2019 - 4:14 am

It’s good to know you’re concerned about a kid finding your body. That can ruin an entire life, at any age but especially at a young age. Maybe there’s a phone app that places automated recorded calls, but other than that I don’t think there’s an easy way to call emergency services on a delay.

What I plan to do is choose a very remote spot, then send a letter to the authorities so the can find the body after a day or two.

wtfwaitomg 6/10/2019 - 9:44 am

bless u, ure so kind. im so sorry that he brushed off your last cry for help.
i too am a happy-go-lucky character, and it sucks that people think little of what they say to me, even though my soul is just as fragile as anyone elses.
i respect your decision and i will not try to convince you otherwise, i just wish you happiness.

shatterediris 6/10/2019 - 10:40 am

Good luck with whatever you do finally decide to do.

Your brother might have brushed it off simply because he did not know how to respond, people don’t really know how to go about that.

Also people are horrible, I do agree. I’m sorry that you experienced that. (this is related to the bullying not the brother)

lostcase 6/11/2019 - 5:36 am

I wish you well and honestly idk how that can work but maybe there are apps to call later? Or some feature in the phone? Your brother maybe didn’t say much because he didn’t know what to say. I wish you to find peace and if there was any other way out better than this. You did give out a cry for help so what if theres still a chance? Farewell friend

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