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by Typopath

I want to go mute. I want to stop talking. It would make my life so much easier to just shut up, stop talking, and never say a thing again.
Well, in retrospect it wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to speak my mind, say my emotions, or show my feelings without learning another language made of hands.

I dunno what this is for. Maybe to ask for people to help me go mute. Maybe to get it off my mind. I just don’t know.

I’d like some advice on how to just… Never speak again.
And before you go off about how it’s such a bad idea; I already know. Save it for someone else who needs it. It won’t stop me from trying. <3


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Jack 6/6/2019 - 7:25 pm

If you are not very social being mute would be ok. If you feel like You can’t take action l think that being mute would help You do some things You want because talking about some things many times can make you less likely to do something about different things or to just do them.

deep.abyss 6/7/2019 - 2:20 am

I think I pretty much mastered the art of not talking or speaking by not giving a fuck about everything. I think it works though.

darkwillow 6/7/2019 - 6:40 pm

Just tell people you’re mute. Ones who know you might think it’s weird but oh well. But i would highly recommend keeping a small white board and dry erase marker with you. most people don’t know sign language and it’ll make it easier to communicate. You will also need to learn sign language yourself lol

rocketman 6/7/2019 - 6:57 pm

Ha ha! darkwillow you did it again made me laugh! 🙂

being delirious for a moment oop’s I mean serious, fxxxxx spell check! always speak your mind to those you think can comprehend what you saying , and if you don’t have a small white board and dry erase marker with you, say no ahbla! 🙂

Cause of Death: Suicide 6/10/2019 - 5:27 am

I was mute all through my schooling years, middle school and high school. It started at about 11, that’s when I started planning to kill myself by shotgun shell to head. When I was 17 I started smoking pot and I liked that so I stopped being mute. I don’t have anyone to talk to or anything to talk about really but I still talk, just to pass the time before I kill myself. Mostly just to myself or an imaginary friend. I can’t wait to finally kill myself I was supposed to had shot myself in the head already 7 years ago but I couldn’t afford a shotgun. I may have to use a different method. I have one method ready in my backyard right now and a few more in mind. I just want it to be perfect when I kill myself since i have been planning it for so long (14 years) that I don’t want to act on anything rashly. I don’t have anything to do before I die other than perfect my method so I don’t like take a bunch of pills and think I’m going to die but end up surviving or something like that. Yes, I want to have already committed many years before now, but I don’t want to fail an attempt even more so and that might be why I haven’t

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