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my dearest jonah

by spookichick

i love you more than life itself, honey. i have been a horrible daughter, mother, and human being. i know that you will be reading this at some point. i hope that you do if fact learn from what i have done to you, like we just talked about. i hope someday that you can find tin your heart to  understand why i have to do what i have to do. i hope someday that you can forgive me.PLEASE don’t let baba ruin the rest of your life. you are a beautiful soul, and have a wonderful future. i’m sorry about the life insurance money that you won’t be able to receive from me, but you will get a lot from baba, so that will help you. perhaps some day we will see each other again in the spiritual world.

all of my love,




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ravingbean 6/18/2019 - 11:51 am

I cannot imagine how painful it must be to explain this to your son. I hope you can hang on.

rocketman 6/18/2019 - 2:23 pm

Hi, No advice however now I understand your answer on your post about children, because it hurts to go through this.
My apology is on post, have a better day if you can.

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