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by shatterediris

Welp, I’m spending a lot of money now…. More than I should, I don’t even make money either -_-

I should just curl up and die, I don’t really have anybody to even spend time with anymore….

I just kind of sit alone at home all day, and sometimes buy things and try to convince myself that they may give me a thing to do with other people one day. I know that’s not true. And I did cut again last month, I think I’ve already mentioned that here though -_- I have been tempted to cut again I know it would help but I also know that I shouldn’t.



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rocketman 6/11/2019 - 11:10 am

I’m proud of you for not cutting, spending money is something you have to watch, big ticket items one after another will kill your bank account, creating more problems, buying something for yourself is great it makes you feel good! But like any other thing you do it to much and your busted! Find other’s things to make you feel better as well, Sometimes I go to the salvation army just looking around, i’ll spot something that interesting! Someone’s else dream that wound up in there, I’ll buy it for a fraction of the price, fixed it up or use it, meanwhile i’m keeping busy and not over doing the cash thing. I’m alone everyday, I go out now and then. Having to many friends is like spending to much money it will bust you too! 🙂
Note: My house is filled with smoke! I forgot I was boiling something and it burned up OH WELL! Now I have to open the widows and make something else! 🙂

rocketman 6/11/2019 - 11:24 am

I’m making french toast, I can do that for less than a buck!

shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 12:29 pm

well I’ve mostly been spending the money on food…. and when I only make $100/month I can’t really be doing that -_-

I’ve also wasted a bit more on some other things to try to give myself a thing to do, bought some paint but I don’t exactly have any decent brushes for use right now which I do need to get -_-

rocketman 6/11/2019 - 12:53 pm

Wow! That is a slim budget! I’m sorry, If I was near you I’d be over with a $20 🙁 Of course I’d want a picture of a painting! I’m a little upset about that.

shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 1:01 pm

I’m likely not going to do a painting

rocketman 6/11/2019 - 1:08 pm

Painting drawing really their all the same, self expression, just think if everything was a painting we wouldn’t have cartoons!

rocketman 6/11/2019 - 1:14 pm

My logo I drew myself! looks like I’m yelling! There is a microphone in my hand!

shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 1:29 pm

I don’t really draw either sadly :/ I’ve never really found it that enjoyable…. I do enjoy painting though, but I’ve found I like to paint things more than like painting paintings

rocketman 6/11/2019 - 1:34 pm

I tried it, I was around 11? I bought everything and started I did about 10? Hated everyone of them! I gave up and used them for target practice! 🙂

shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 1:39 pm

I recently bought more paint because I did not like the cheap paint I bought before, it just is bad…. It looks watery, the color isn’t strong and it comes out with a glossy sort of weird look to it, almost like plastic. I hate that I wasted my money on it -_- and I even had to waste a lot of a medium to thin it with because it was so gloopy and stupid, in the end it was about $60 wasted there….

Strangely enough the paint I am buying which should work a lot better on a lot of things is less money overall, but it’s quite small bottles of paint too…. While the other paint is 250ml tubes

I’m sure I’ll at least find a use for the cheaper horrible paint.

rocketman 6/11/2019 - 1:47 pm

I’m just saying and I do this, If the product is not to your liking take it back and exchange what’s left, they will do that.

shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 1:52 pm

ehhhhh I don’t have the receipt and realized that I didn’t really like it much past a month after purchase :/

I could probably sell it to somebody to reclaim some of the money, but I also could just use it for bulk painting of things that matter a lot less -_- but then again I could have bought cheaper paint for that still (I’m convinced that Apple Barrel would work almost just as well)

rocketman 6/11/2019 - 2:53 pm

Well you know what is best, usually you don’t need a receipt these days if they scan, also if you just want to exchange for other merchandise they usually will go along with it. I hope something good happens to you and you win or get a bunch of money somehow! You might! i’m thinking very positive for you! Your a good guy.

shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 8:10 pm


shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 8:10 pm


Wisp 6/11/2019 - 8:15 pm


shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 8:36 pm

If you’re curious I said things, then added to it…. then regretted it and remembered that I could edit things (but couldn’t seem to delete things)

Wisp 6/11/2019 - 8:15 pm

Hey… spending money can be quite a vicious cycle. I have quite a bit and I guess there’s a little ‘thrill’ in buying stuff, only to feel miserable soon after again. So you’ll buy something again to get the ‘thrill’. And then feel miserable again. You get the picture…
It’s hard not to buy more stuff when you are bored out of your mind. I’m really trying to control myself. I gave in and ordered some chocolates online. Grrr.

shatterediris 6/11/2019 - 8:37 pm

Yeah…. it is rather hard not to buy things…. At least in this case I did buy something that isn’t a consumable so I guess in theory I could sell it one day (I won’t)

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