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Spookichick this post is for you!

by rocketman

True story,

It was several years ago, OK more than that!, I was with a group of friends and we went to Big Bear mountain to have a little fun.

One of the things to do other than snow skiing was horse back riding, we decided to do that!

The place we went to rent horses had exactly as many horses as in the group, It was around nine.

The man renting them asked did anyone in the group have any experience riding horses?

Of course I said I DO! I was a trail master once!

( What Rocketman didn’t say was, where he was working with the horses, they were like worn out pack mules that walk in a single line one after another along the Santa Ana river bed AND THAT HE’D BEEN FIRED!! after a few days. ) 

I didn’t realize he was asking for a reason, then he said good take this horse! All the horses look to be a little calm except for him! I looked in its eyes and said to myself he looks a little strange? A little nervous? Oh well I just got on him.

The next thing you know the horse reared up and took off! I didn’t even have time to wave good-bye!

My friends were probably thinking wow! look at him go! ha ha!

I knew I WAS IN TROUBLE! The horse galloped across a road and headed for a steep part of the mountain! I had no control of him, what so ever! I’d pull on the reins and it only pissed him off! Started acting crazy! So I STOPPED THAT! 

Things only got worse! He started climbing the mountain up and up, Scaring the shit out of me! I would have jumped off but he was moving, And the terrain was rough ,I’d never jump off a horse before, So I just held on for dear life!

He came so close to the tree’s! limbs were hitting me! And I was ducking to avoid them! I don’t know if he was doing it on purpose? I don’t know If horses think like that?

So I talked to him, please turn around and go back! it’s cold up here! He took his time and did what he felt like doing! Well eventually he turned around and started back down the mountain, heading back where I got him!

The other’s asked where did I go? I said Oh up the mountain, hey what do you say we look at renting bikes! 🙂

I’ve gotten myself in so many predicaments during my life at time’s I wonder how I ever survived, Now I smile and laugh about them.


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spookichick 6/10/2019 - 5:37 pm

first of all, i want to thank you SO much for sharing your story with me! i think that i get the message that you were passing on to me. i am interpreting it as such:( please correct me if i am wrong) you have been through so many crises, and you always came out on the other side…you survived, and you fought through the pain. AND, you CONTINUE to work through your issues and challenges to stay alive. that is what i am doing everyday as well. it is WORK, and it is not easy, but (now i know how corny this sounds) you stayed on the horse, and made it back alive; i think that you truly are a survivor , and an inspiration to myself and others.

rocketman 6/10/2019 - 7:28 pm

Your are so cool and so cleverer! Exactly!
It was a true story! And I wanted to make you smile as well!
Have a great day Spookichick!! 🙂

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