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What the F* Am I Doing With My Life?

by eternaldarkness

I want to do something with my life, but what? I don’t care about anything anymore… goals, accomplishments, meh. I used to have them, but now all I want to do is sleep. Yes, sleep. I haven’t slept a deep sleep in 15 years (I was hit by a car, and that’s when my life basically ended). I wake up tired, and barely have any energy to get dressed or brush my teeth, let alone actually do something.

I want to pack up and move cross country and to basically be a gypsy and visit other cheaper countries (like Mexico or Ecuador). I want to live as a retiree there. It’s just too damn expensive here.

I want to do something instead of just wasting away here, but I’m too tired to pack. I’m all alone here and sick, and just the thought of packing is tiring. When you’re sick, you don’t have the energy to do these things. I used to pack up and move cross country by myself all the time. But now that I’m ill, and older, it’s not easy. Just how the hell do I get all my stuff over? I need help; I can’t do it alone.

So meanwhile, I’m just wasting away here… with shitty ass neighbors that drive me insane… 🙁


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Cause of Death: Suicide 6/14/2019 - 11:55 pm

How old are you?

shatterediris 6/15/2019 - 7:05 am

I have found it kind of is horrible to not really have anything that you need to do. People make it sound ideal but it’s really not, it’s maddening…. I’m sorry 🙁 I also have no real energy anymore to really do much, and should try to do something…. I hear Puerto Rico is also a nice place to live cheaply. But it seems that it’s not doing very well as of now 🙁 (based off of what Google has told me)

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