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by Yikrens

my death will be a mixed quantum state. i’ll have particles of heroin and waves of absinth. the interferometer will estimate the signal about 3 hours after. it could be that I’ll make a quantum teleportation to another nation awhile my being is ascenting, slipping underneath the quantum realm. the casimir effect will avoid that I will sense the intensity of disturbation for my past and future. due to the heisenberg picture, I can only tell about the position, but the angular momentum will be unknown for me.

the standard modell will tell, that any failure, if the gluons don’t save me, it will be a decision by the up and down quarks inside the atom that is having interaction to me to allow an compensating of the quantum fluctuation, to avoid any misconceptions to see any entanglement to any extreme or radical groups or to any self-orientated expression which could lead to an polarization of closest members within the classical human families.

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Yikrens 7/9/2019 - 3:49 pm

Update: after very long of abstinence, I cared for the two mixtures and tried the quality.

it reminded me exactly about the overdose which I survived and it is not an appropriate recipe for my project.

I want my death to proceed with apathy for me.

Don’t share me a recipe, just make me have it in an real life licit way.

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