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a heads up… I guess…

by Wisp

Careful of some (I said some) retailers offering skincare and beauty products. Some are extremely pushy. An example of what they might do: give you free samples, then take you by the hand and into their store and sit you down in a chair and try skincare products on you. Then they will tell you that you should buy these products now and you will get extra free items and discounts and that if you don’t buy them now you won’t get this ‘very special’ offer. They will make you feel bad if you decline to buy the items and act all sad and continue to tell you how much of a great offer this is and stuff like that.

Only 2 things you can do really… stay the heck away from such stores or decline to buy products and/or services if you are already dealing with them.

That said, if you actually like these products… I would actually suggest you do your OWN research on the brand and products first before buying them. Generally, yes, these products have actually been discounted but please go and find out the real price of these items first. Because sometimes they just say that when they haven’t been discounted. You may also be better off buying the products somewhere else because once you’ve bought products they will most likely introduce more and more products and will feel pressured to buy more.

You can tell them that you can’t afford any more and they will probably even discount said items even more, if this doesn’t work, they might ask you to use your credit card/increase the limit (disgusting to ask this), I’m sure they might also ask people to borrow money from others…

They might change their wording to ‘exclusive’ offer… No. These offers are not exclusive. They do this to many customers. Remember they are just there to sell things. They don’t care about you even if it seems that they are friendly and happy… that will soon stop if you don’t buy anything or stop buying more.

These people have extracted probably hundreds out of unsuspecting customers… if they can get away with it, it can go into the thousands. Yeah, so I guess that’s why I’m writing this 😛


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rocketman 7/6/2019 - 10:34 pm

Yeah they have all kinds of tricks, I hate sales people like that, I automatically get turned off and leave any time people make there pay check off sales they can get very annoying and pushy. I would never have a job like that either.

hope432 7/7/2019 - 6:43 am

I am sorry that this happened to you. It must feel awkward. Have you ever tried some natural skincare products like Manuka Honey? I think they are much better.

You see…. most things people sell are pretty shitty.

But there are still the good ones.

You should not definitely fall for them and feel embarrassed.

And you should also not pay them much attention… because this makes our hearts bitter.

shatterediris 7/9/2019 - 1:17 am

This is sales in general. sales suck, I’ve worked a lot in sales because I suck. People working in sales tend to either be people who are really good at sales (normally the older ones) and are just super scummy people with no morals, (my opinion) or just desperate people who can’t find other work and really need money. It’s not fun but even in like “training” you are basically just taught ways to manipulate people into buying things they don’t need. It doesn’t even pay enough at that point to be worth it. But yes the “Oh I’ve never seen this be free.” thing is a trick, and salespeople can always get you free things with your purchase, there’s always rules about how much is allowed before it starts to come out of their pockets…. This is just my experience though and I wasn’t like selling houses or cars so maybe with the big ticket items sales gets less scummy feeling? Oh yeah also the “you can afford this.” lines, I was taught a lot of those, that I never used…. Because you know it’s very bold to just be like “Well you can spend $1500 actually, even if you are in crushing debt already, we have payment plans, it’ll just be another bill and will hardly be noticeable with all the other crushing debt you have…. And I’ll get like $150 out of it, so you totally should do it…. Aren’t I your friend?” -_- Of course that isn’t exactly how it should be said, but is basically what I was told to say…. I did not do well in sales, and couldn’t really survive it long, it just is not for me.

I’m sorry for posting here, with probably not useful things, just thought it might make you feel better that this is just how sales always goes? (and more than likely the people doing this probably do feel horrible)
I don’t know I’m sorry 🙁 (also sorry that this is like many days late, I’ve been gone for a few days.)

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