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Detached and Wondering

by mindlessgamer619

Hello again. To whomever is reading this, I geniunely hope things are at the very least, stable for you. Unsure as to why I’m unable to sleep but here I am. It’s been a while again. Things once again feel different here.

I’m not too sure why I feel as detached as I do currently. I feel so far away from all the goings on in general, it’s a bit unsettling. All the changes and updates and everything, I feel so old compared to the young teen fresh out of school headed to college. It’s odd that I manage to keep finding my way back here. I tend to wonder if any of the usual culprits still roam around. I saw Rocketman comment recently… Always good to see familiar names.

I’m looking for wanderer, aka lily… I just wonder if she’s posted here lately… I’m a bit worried about her.

I tend to feel very introspective, like I always wonder about my life and ponder multiverse theory where things go differently in a more positive direction… Idk. Things aren’t terrible at least.

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rocketman 8/1/2019 - 12:09 am

Hi Mindlessgamer619, Yeah things change with time even SP, Always come back and say hi, this is a place where we also make friends and like to talk right? But you know that 🙂 I’m glad things aren’t terrible! People always feel out of place myself included.

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