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Just to let all know how fuckd l in my head am…

by Yoges

…this is the only ‘social’ media that I’ll grace with my presence from now on.

Months ago I read a serious article online, advising netizens on their way out to make sure not to leave behind their digital footprint lest it be misused after their exit. Decided to act on the advice now.

Never been on snapchat or instagram. Put facebook for deactivation more than a month ago. Checked outta linkedin and behance last week. Left my whatsapp groups (except four that’d raise questions); will uninstall it after quitting my job next to next month. Deleted an alternate email account (wasn’t using it much anyway, tbh). I’ll soon be deleting my only email account and get rid of my cellphone. Way to go, hobo!


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Itscolourlife 7/3/2019 - 8:03 pm

I deleted all my social media too.. whatsup too.. every social media to contact with my friend… i cut it all..
Only have no one knows account for game and this

Itscolourlife 7/3/2019 - 8:05 pm

I just want to be alone.. and looks like a starting to become hikikomori.. i even block my window.. i hate sun

Cause of Death: Suicide 7/4/2019 - 1:31 am

Lol I was supposed to die in 2012, I’ve already done a lot of those things :p

Lately, I’ve given away all of my records, burnt all my books, threw away all that remained of my childhood toys (terrible memories), sold my keyboard, guitar (I was r*ped and the r*pist was fascinated with my new instruments so I had to trash them)

Now I’m just ready to commit and been waiting bout 3 years

lifeproject 7/8/2019 - 7:18 am

i have no facebook, no linkedin, no snapchat, no instagram, no smartphone.
reading your post i surely must be depressed also.

but really, you dont find friends from likes on your social media posts.
you find them in real life. visit them. call them, with that smartphone; it can make calls also.
you dont need likes, you dont need 1.000 friend-clicks.
just 1 or 2 people around you that you can really talk to.

dont need that social media stuff or a smartphone.

call someone up and get together, do something you both like.
that is friendship.

no virtual clicks needed…

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