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Protected: Out of time

by no name

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Hope Dream Love 7/27/2019 - 11:12 pm

Fuck therapy. Fuck people. Just fuck everything. I’m better off gone. No one needs me. No one wants me. And…..i don’t blame them.

Hope Dream Love 7/27/2019 - 11:13 pm

I don’t have what I need……ill find something….theres always something

Hope Dream Love 7/27/2019 - 11:43 pm

I need to die. The living world isn’t for me.

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 12:04 am

I feel it’s time for me to write my last chapter. I would like to give myself a few days to be more at peace with it however……i feel that’s not something I can do.

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 12:13 am

I said I belong in a mental hospital. Makes it easier I guess not being there. Makes it easier to finally write my last sentence.

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 12:25 am

Who needs a therapist anyway? Who are they to decide what is “normal”? Who are they to decide how one should live their life when everyone is unique?

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 12:45 am

Destroying everything one breath at a time. I always fuck shit up.

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 8:49 am

useless bipolar disorder i calmed down before i found a way. next time. next time ill have one on hand. this fucking hell is just that…..hell

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 9:00 am

maybe therapy could be a “good” thing. i could get antipsychotics. i never understood that. oh youre suicidal here have something you can od on if you arent carefully watched only making you feel worse because who WANTS to be watched let alone watched because you arent trusted.

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 11:01 am

I want to message my friend. But I feel so hated. I know he said he couldn’t ever hate me but everyone has their limit. I’m so sorry

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 12:59 pm

I messaged him. I shouldn’t have. I’m so stupid. I should have just left him be.

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 1:09 pm

He’s not gonna respond. Stupid stupid stupid

Hope Dream Love 7/28/2019 - 2:38 pm

He said he doesn’t hate me but I still don’t feel very well liked.

Hope Dream Love 7/29/2019 - 1:58 am

If wanting to die is “Ok” then yeah, I’m doing fucking amazing

Hope Dream Love 7/29/2019 - 2:55 am

Very suicidal but can I say anything noooo because I decided yesterday there is no way in hell I’m calling today

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