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by no name

ok id like everyone to read this because you may not and you may be the only person that can relate. so ill cut straight to the point in case you dont want to read it. food. it all tastes bland too me. no amount of spices, flavouring, nothing can change it. it started 3-4 years ago. i had no interest in food. especially food i cooked. i just didnt want it. id make my husband a big plate of what could be summed up to an amateur gourmet meal then id make myself mr noodles. like wtf. who gives up a gourmet meal. the answer me. so we summed it up to after working so hard to cook it i just didnt want it. i mean makes sense. but now….right now im chewing on sour skittles. i taste that they are sour but thats it. i had mint ice cream the other day and i tasted the mint but meh. and to test it i had a hot dog and a burger….meh. now typically its a “ask the doctor” thing but i figured…maybe its my depression causing the problem. and if it is what better place to get the answer (not including the doctor he knows nothing about my depression or eating problems). a little insight/back story.

im not sure youd call it anorexic because im not….”skinny” back then (i was 14-15) if i sucked in my gut you could see my ribs. so skinny but not anorexic skinny. so that out of the way on to the story.

i use to refuse to eat. my depression would act up or id be pissed off and id have no interest in eating supper. i never ate lunch. not since i was 10. and it was nothing for me to skip breakfast before school. so the lunch thing went on for 10 years (i still dont eat lunch and im 20 now) and its still nothing for me to not eat breakfast. although sometimes i do pick up a small bag of chips. and now ill come home and eat a small supper. 1 hotdog (its summer so we bbq). a year ago id completely refuse meals. “im fat” “im ugly” “i dont deserve to eat” im sure you know it. to put it all basically its never been nothing for me to not eat. now food just dosent have much of a taste to me and i dont know why. im just completely uninterested in food. like if i never ate again i wouldnt care. oh and i forgot i attempted starvation too….but i kept getting hungry.

so if you know or relate or a doctor told you it would be cool if you could tell me why my food tastes bland.


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rocketman 7/7/2019 - 7:34 pm

Don’t know? Actually the last couple years I lost my appetite big time, probably due to drinking to much, And everything taste like crap to me unless I cook it, they do have drugs that help your appetite, and smoking pot also helps, food tasting bland everything taste like that to me if I buy it. Sorry don’t know why? I remember when things tasted so good, I had a dream a week ago I was eating and the food was marvelous! 🙂

Hope Dream Love 7/7/2019 - 7:48 pm

Pot doesn’t help. I had….what was it 24% I think with kief (a bit more than I ment too lol) and that didn’t help. Just made it so I couldn’t do anything because I was zoned out on a sative. It wasn’t even indica

hope432 7/8/2019 - 8:40 am


You are exhausted and depressed and it’s normal to have not much desire for eating because normal food cannot make you healthy again. You need to change your diet. You can use herbal plants, buy syrups like pine syrup or high vitamin syrups. You can also use bee products, which are wonderful.

I also understand you have a high demanding job and you work night shifts. You don’t need to change your job now. You need to begin to recover a little bit first. You need to work with your thinking also so that you will have normal feelings again. Perhaps your husband is supportive and can help you to change your lives together. Don’t let the demon of depression and lifelessness kill you.
Listen also to healthy music like classical music.
Don’t try pot… or cigarettes to feel alive. It gets you worse…
And remember, your problem is not that you are skinny. Your problem is the lack of good nutrients in your body. I am also skinny and now I feel very healthy. And many times I eat only 2 meals per day.
What matters is quality.
And don’t try anti-depressants or any other harmful medication because it kills life.

P.S: From someone who felt also very dead inside, had chronic fatigue and tiredness but recovered in the end.

Hope Dream Love 7/8/2019 - 2:32 pm

I’m grateful for you advice however I feel it doesn’t apply to me. When I’m done working where I am not I’m opening a bakery. I wouldn’t call it opening I’m not going straight to a store front but I’ll be working on getting commercial contracts and working flea markets.
As far as the medication. I get that. I’ve read a lot on here where people say it does and doesn’t work but I don’t only have depression. I also suffer from bipolar disorder and/borderline personality disorder. Basically every type of possible anxiety. And really bad hallucinations. I can’t not have anything. The weed works. When the dose is right but finding the “sweet spot” is difficult when the thc content changes all the time. Plus the cbd helps a lot. I have a bunch of random pains. Bad headaches that weed solves immediately. And back problems. Basically I’m missing 2 little bones that hold my….disc? In place in my lower back (I can’t remember exactly) and I also have lumbar scoliosis. I can’t not have any “drugs” I NEED them. And I don’t have anything for my physical pains. And I can’t live with my mental problems. I do thank you for the advice I just really don’t think it will work for me and I’m sure you see why now.

hope432 7/8/2019 - 3:41 pm

Yes, it does apply to anyone… I was in a very bad condition myself and it worked. Don’t underestimate the power of the plants and herbal remedies. Of course this is only one way of healing. There are others as well.

Don’t use drugs especially if you suffer from hallucinations and bipolar disorder. I know how difficult your life is… and I care for you as I don’t like to see people in so much pain…

You can cure through many means. It’s up to you to discover and find a way. It’s a battle for life.

I had anxiety as well and mental problems. They can be cured. There is a huge lie by the medication industry that they cannot be cured. They can. There are plenty of alternative methods.
Find a way. You need to fight for your life. Right now you are very depressed and there is a negative cloud above you.
Take care.

Don’t you have some very good and complete health stores in your city?

P.S: There are healthy and natural remedies for your pains. Don’t make the mistake to believe that drugs can solve your problems.

You can improve your life in so many ways… Be kind to yourself.

Hope Dream Love 7/8/2019 - 4:41 pm

im going to start with im wiccan so i know all about herbal remedies. secondly everyone is different so im really glad it helped you but it really isnt for everyone. third weed is a herb and can actually help with A LOT of different things. doctors will even prescribe it to cancer patients. so im sorry but just positive thinking cant help with a chemical imbalance and you do need another chemical to rebalance it. its just going to make things worse because now you are lying to yourself and just covering it up pretending its not there.

xoamaro_ 7/8/2019 - 4:41 pm

Yes, I do relate. Everything tasted the same, eventhough I could still make out the difference between “salt” and “sweet” and so one.
So you’re not alone. I don’t know how I pushed myself through it, but other people shared their tips with you. I have no idea what you have been or are still going through.
Therefore, al I can say it that I hope is only the thought of mint ice cream will make your mouth water again. That the thought of a gourmet meal will make you instantly craving for it. That everything will taste differently.
I wish you the best.

Hope Dream Love 7/8/2019 - 4:43 pm

do you know what caused it? is it a depression thing or a medical problem i should get checked out?

xoamaro_ 7/9/2019 - 3:36 am

With me, I think it was my depression. Since I lost my interest in hobbies, it made sense to lose my appetite too.
However, you could check it out at both, a therapist and a doctor. It may not be the same for you, or it might be a bigger step to contact a therapist (if you’re not already seeing one), but with me, it was probably a depression thing.

Hope Dream Love 7/9/2019 - 5:13 am

No therapist and my family doctor doesn’t know a thing about my mental state.

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