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this grade of disability..

by Yikrens

I remind myself during sleep that I only want to die. It is alike when I am awake. Doing my researches and studies, following my path to eat and drink enough. I care for myself, but every step has the etiquette with the inscription “you only want to die”.

it is not over with the day, I see them again when I shower and there suddenly I have a mental breakdown. They happen often. I read on the shampoo “Suffers your….” and I start to think that over. I have freedom, that is great. My financial Situation is double backed up. Most People are guilty themselves for their addiction, I do not suffer calling them so. The performance of the poor I met was alike, I was not surprised they had come to this and they do not want to make even any little progress. I got to experience very strange things with no legal procedement. Actual there I snap on. Legal Affairs where physical harm is done are not done properly. I feel for everyone doing so, they have no guilt themselve for the suffer. Do I suffer now? “Yeah, I suffer, suffer, suffer … “ and under the shower I quiver and crumble.

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