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this weapon is fragile

by Yikrens

I could be Death so easily. I get Mental because of so many Things. Tiny opt-outs causing the future to be challenged or fragmented, propagating danger as Integrity of Officials to their Ideals will missed out.

It even does cause me to feel Suicidal to treat the Past or the Fure. The Gossip will always be, but under which Light? I would like to not care, but Mystery and Misasumptions are malvolent to Emotions. I do not want to opt-in to give People Self-Esteem who just want to see People Dead and as provocation aimed on to them.

Nobody wants to Die as an Result of the Honour, to have ties in their Suicide Project to Money problems of any kind. I can not want to be the handled Ammunition for Revenge, against an Non-existent Rival or as Hift for Enemies, poison for Friends and the curse for the Family.

The Global lose of Pace which occurs repeatedly when it is a clear Business-Loss is very suspicious to me. Moores Law is here passing out, phasing out and is becoming incoherent awhile any others seemingly never deattached from. Even my Suicidality and Depression is leaping within each 730 Days.

Loosing things is the same. I have a very exquisite Taste in Possesions. Antique, Unique and Rarities with very Unknown Values and fairly Information availiable. I can not replace them as the pain rising up in me. I can only open up another spot in my heart till my heart is gone.

It is even more brutal with words.

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