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24 Things I’ve Learned At 24

by Teresa's Child
  1. Humans are shallow, earthly, blundering creatures with larger brains and a capacity for conviction. All of us, as animals, are strictly this. We cannot reasonably extrapolate much more then this, although we can hypothesize to some degree.
  2. Reason isn’t everything. Reason doesn’t control actions or thoughts, and if we have thoughts that we cannot perceive through reason, then we cannot say for certain what is true or false. This applies to every thought. Still, reason is the best we’ve got.
  3. The world, pain, suffering, and all the rest of the horrible things going on, are fundamentally not my problem, nor are they anyone’s. There is no reason to care about the earth,  or the creatures in it, except for how your actions relate to them. If the world becomes uninhabitable, or all humanity or life or whatever is destroyed, that’s fine. We don’t matter, and fundamentally nothing material matters or is precious. At the end of the day, how I live my life matters to me, and that’s basically it.
  4.  Violence is a good thing. It’s also inescapable. If you take a position, you are entrenched in violence. And harming others isn’t a bad thing either. Taking a position is something that is important to live life with pride.
  5. Expanding on the last lesson, there is no good and evil. There is only subjectivity. Monkey pride. And this comes from your culture, what you identify with, the persona you create. The gods you worship, the way you think, how you approach life.
  6. Expanding on the last lesson, there is no God. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to believe irrational things, because as we know rationality and reason are not adequate. The brain is not rational. But the fact remains, God does not exist.
  7. The story of God(s), and stories in general, have a variety of uses. Never underestimate the power of a story.
  8. We will suffer and die. The most important thing when you suffer is to suffer, and the most important thing when you die is to die. No need to subvert, or say “I will escape suffering”, or “it’s all part of gods plan”. No. Just suffer. And then die. All good.
  9. Imitate no one. As RHCP says, “choose not a life of imitation, distant cousin to the reservation.”
  10. Books are good resources. Borrowing ideas is helpful, standing on the shoulders of others is helpful.
  11. History is important. So is fantasy, if it tells a story that echoes a psychological truth.
  12. Living things should not be loved.
  13. Qualities that come from the best part of us: admiration, pride, truthfulness, courageousness, discipline.
  14. Hatred and anger are not default bad things. In fact to be angry is often the noble feeling.
  15. The best compassion one can give is often cutting someone down to size.
  16. It’s okay to run away.
  17. Never accept a truth, or believe anything wholeheartedly. If you pick a side, do it with admiration.
  18. Everything is changing. That includes us. There is no “eternal”. There is just change, animal thoughts blown about by the wind.
  19. Qualities that yield strength: fanaticism of belief, despair, intelligence/strategy, manipulativeness, an ability to consume knowledge, frenzy, discipline, madness, self control. Each has its time.
  20. No one will help you. Be prepared for unfair fights.
  21. Never pretend to be what you are not. Never lie. Always have moderation.
  22. Always stand up for what you believe, even if everyone tells you to stop.
  23. Do not seek anything. If you have an ideal, it will come to you. You naturally gravitate toward what is beautiful. No need to try.
  24. Do not cling to anything. Let things cling to you.

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rivets 8/14/2019 - 7:59 pm

What is pride, and what does it have to do with reason? Seems like an ill defined human thing. Monkeys don’t have pride. They don’t need it.

Teresa's Child 8/14/2019 - 8:12 pm

Mhm I agree, but we are evolved monkeys after all. No need to live purely as monkeys do.

EDIT: As for what it is, I’m sure you know. It’s a feeling, so I don’t necessarily have to define it. As for what it has to do with reason, nothing. Did I correlate those two things anywhere?
EDIT 2: when I said monkey pride, I didn’t necessarily mean “pride that only monkeys have”, but instinctual pride as living things. A monkey doesn’t let another monkey walk all over it. It’s just basic monkey behavior to try and win in life. Hence ‘monkey pride’.

rivets 8/15/2019 - 3:30 am

No, but monkeys fling poo at each other and other creatures. They don’t have use for pride any more than they have use for cigars or clothes. They hardly live purely. That’s another human thing we spread over top of life, like a layer cake. There is no winning or losing in monkey society. There is only living.

Hope Dream Love 8/15/2019 - 8:36 am

Dude I hate to burst your bubble but there is winning and losing. The one that rules them wins. And gets all the girls lol.

Teresa's Child 8/15/2019 - 11:37 am

What hope dream love said. There is absolutely winning and losing in monkey society. That’s where we inherited those concepts from. It’s in our dna.

Once 8/14/2019 - 10:01 pm

Living things should be loved. It is natural. It is healthy. When that love becomes a tool of manipulation, that natural love becomes a perversion, a skill humanity excels at.

Teresa's Child 8/14/2019 - 11:41 pm

Natural doesn’t necessarily mean useful, or beneficial, or correct.
I don’t see how you can say love is healthy, and in the same sentence say that it can become a perversion. Perhaps you’re insinuating that it can, but doesn’t always become a perversion. But you’re wrong. Love in and of itself is a perversion of attraction.

muspelhem 8/15/2019 - 2:54 pm

Love is a drive for bonding, it’s primal, and it’s not exclusive to humans. No offence, but your conclusions are kind of immature. You’re not the first young person to adopt a nihilistic perspective.

Teresa's Child 8/15/2019 - 7:25 pm

No offense taken, though claiming immaturity without good justification isnt really all that convincing.

muspelhem 8/16/2019 - 2:45 am


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