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Beyond friendship

by arielblaze

Young lady finds her husband and get her passport for a higher class lifestyle. I must be just another useless, lunatic person that has appeared in her life, and since my lifestyle isn’t that interesting, so why keep me in her social circuit, right? Oh, I hope that little wifey is very happy living in her mediocre marital servitude, cleaning the house all day long, making dinner for the hubby, 21st housewife, what a bore! I think we’re definitely too much different to be even just friends.

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Kisser 8/16/2019 - 5:24 pm

Just another great “exciting” life.
Cant blame her. She has money and all those expensives things.
I always want to make some crazy thing. Like be crazy for one day (say and do everything i want, not kill and those shits, but have a one great funny day ksksk).

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