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Dear Daughter…

by Abandoned

The words some girls need to hear from their dads, but like me, the words were never voiced. I never got to hear the words “I’m proud of you” and he wasn’t there for me. He put me in a bubble. And so did she. Although I do mean it figuratively I also mean literally.
We were playing new super mario bros on the wii and i kept dying. He told me to stay in the bubble because i would just die again. So i put the remote down and just watched. Whenever we watched tv he would only pause it for himself.
He sent me out with a guy alone at 11pm to a gravel pit. We went to burger king instead though. just before i moved out he sent me out alone in the woods with my bf and the guy who would in the future end up threatening to rape me.
to this day im convinced he was trying to get me get me raped or killed…..what kind of father is that?
theres more things i could go into but….im not ready for that yet :'( lets just say hes really hurt me…..time….in time

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Itscolourlife 8/8/2019 - 5:46 am

This makes me cry
But im already at my limit.. and actualy the snakes bit me and left.. and i regret it in my life

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