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drinking alone and stoned

by 404

getting high and drinking coffee liquor (which tastes amazing with chocolate milk). and feeling hated because of it. which just makes me feel worse and want to drink more. its an awesome cycle of fuck it.


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rocketman 8/24/2019 - 6:32 pm

I drink Irish cream in my coffee every morning with french vanilla creamer been doing it for ever, i don’t even like regular coffee. YUM!! Then monster and vodka through out the day, I drink a lot but iiit do nut efext mee! 🙂

Hope Dream Love 8/24/2019 - 6:57 pm

Monster and vodka is……contraditory. if you read the can of monster it says don’t mix with alcohol.
Alcohol company: here let me do that for you
*face palm*

rocketman 8/24/2019 - 10:02 pm

A wide awake drunk 🙂
It doesn’t say that? However it does say if i’m nursing I shouldn’t drink it. 🙂

Hope Dream Love 8/24/2019 - 11:18 pm

Well the one here say it

Ladybugluvr99 8/25/2019 - 1:55 am

I feel you

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