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Kurt Cobain Heart Shaped-box

by Ladybugluvr99

Im just filthy depressed man, im a 28 year old decent looking girl from california. I turn 29 in Novemeber. Theres a lot to my background story BUt I have been taking Anti=psychotic meds and depression meds for about a year and a half now ,I have took them when I was younger I also currently receive disability insurance with the state Many problems Right I now I live with fam ,I have three duis I just got out of jail in Feb, Many things ill eventually share more later but had to spill this now !



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rocketman 8/25/2019 - 6:51 pm

I’m listening.

Corpse999 8/26/2019 - 2:01 pm

Birthday in Nov = scorpio (or early Sagittarius same thing)

Scorpio = the astroloigical sign most associated with death.

Scoripio ruing planet = Pluto

Pluto = currently retrograde (f***d up) until Oct 3, 2019

Conclusion = you’re not thinking straight. Wait until Oct 3 before making major decisions such as killing yourself.

-signed, a Pisces (the most rational sign in the zodiac)

PS Kurt Cobain was a Pisces but under the influence of Pluto retrograde in April 1994 when he blew his brains out. Nobody is safe.

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