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Little Weird Stuffs

by Amber98Charlotte

It was the birthday of my sister. And after lunch, we’d thought of watching a movie together.  So, while watching the movie, I didn’t realize when I’d dozed off.  All I remember was falling down the steep old staircase and hitting my head hard. I had woke up with a jolt even though subconsciously I knew I was dreaming. My heart was racing so fast and I was shaking literally and breathing heavily. We were watching a comedy genre and my sister was quite perplexed.
This has happened again, this evening while I was taking a nap.  But this time I’d screamed so bad – I remember this time I was dreaming about running so fast that I tumbled and scraped through the concrete.
Does this happen with most of you?

P.S: I’ve stopped taking sleeping pills which I was prescribed with. That’s because I find myself too exhausted which makes it easy to fall asleep. I’m wondering if this sort of stuff is happening because of that.

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rocketman 8/3/2019 - 7:30 am

I’ve had the craziest dream lately of falling off a boat then being ran over by a really big one, it going slow and I’m under water being pulled into the prop! The prop starts hitting my head lightly several times!! And then I wake up, when I wake up my head is actually moving, I never dreamed of such a thing and have no idea why? And it seemed so real, what makes me mad is why can’t I dream about girls chasing me all screaming Rocketman instead! ha ha! 🙂

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