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Thats just pathetic lmao

by mhm1000

I had some Tito’s last night, half a mug of the stuff. Fast forward half an hour later and I can barely stand, I’m calling my friends and weeping, and everything’s spinning. I woke up on my bedroom floor at 3 in the morning, laying in my fucking throw up. I took a shower with my clothes on. When I fell on the floor, I hit my nose. 0/10, would not do again. And don’t even get me started on how I feel now, I threw up twice already, and all my friends are asking if I’m okay.


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rocketman 8/18/2019 - 7:20 pm

Well I’ve been like that a few times, Tito’s will give you the keys to the kingdom of the PORCELAIN GOD! And make you prey OVER AND OVER! Boy we sure know how to have fun!!

mhm1000 8/19/2019 - 7:29 am

i honestly didnt expect it to be that strong, icecream helps tbh

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