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The fault you know but still repeat it

by Itscolourlife

I still remember the reason why you become couple with your girlfriend
Its because she is the one who told you first that she likes you
Because she is brave enough
And she is the one who help you forget about me
But when you walk your days with her you realize that you cant forget me
You guess that she dump you because you never there for her
You never search her or ask her day
She always reach you first
Yes she didnt say the reason why she dump you
Are you going to repeat your fault again
I think you will
And thats why im trying to protect myself
You tell me you like independent woman
A woman who dont need so much attention
I cant be that
Its only gives me pain everyday
You are free do what you want
But im here feeling sad do what you tell me to do
Im hurt inside
Forget me already
Dont tell me you love me and the only one
Cuase i know you can love another girl too
Your past reveal it
A brave independent girl will make you fall in love more

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