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by deep.abyss

If they don’t see your worth, leave.

Been told that before but I’m stuck here anyway. Someone just told me that I am being paid less than what I should be. Didn’t think of it before but now I could never agree less. Is it wrong to keep doing this even though my income does not worth all the exhaustion and sacrifices I make?

I’m fucked up, I can only smile at this one. I just want to let all this out. I want to complain but I’m too much of a ***** and my mind’s telling me to just go with it bec they’ll know somehow that I deserve more.


Im just too tired


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Azazel 8/16/2019 - 12:15 pm

Hey. I understand the feelings of being undervalued and overworked. It sucks to constantly kill yourself to make others richer and get nothing for it..
But there are steps you can take to work on that. Learning how to stand up for yourself and respectfully take charge of what you do. If there are jobs you do that are outside the scope of what you were hired for then say so. If you can stand your ground while maintaining professional and respectfulness towards your boss then you will be surprised what they come back with. The main thing is to be respectful and a good worker.
Also, something that was said to me a long time ago. People treat you the way you allow them to. And if you let them walk all over you then they will. But you also have to treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. How can we expect others to treat us right if even we cant do it?
Peace and love.

rivets 8/16/2019 - 2:16 pm

Screw that. Get a job with a union, go on strike, then burn the boss’ car with a molotov.

rocketman 8/16/2019 - 12:37 pm

A couple of things come to mind,
#1 Nobody feels they are getting paid what their worth.
#2 If they did get paid what they feel their worth the company would go broke 🙂
#3 Never listen to other’s telling you things like that.
#4 Generally people get paid what the company can afford to keep them and that isn’t always fair.
#5 If you feel you are not and it really bothers you talk to the boss about it, he might give you a raise or a song and dance, song and dances are pretty conman. Don’t get upset. Be polite and act understanding.
#6 after your conversation with the boss you have to decide if it’s worth staying there keep your thoughts to yourself.
#7 Depending on the situation decides your next move.
A Few Examples: What kind of money are we talking about? What is it would make you happy?

A 0.25 cent raise adds up to 10 bucks on a 40 hr week, is it worth starting over somewhere else for that? Or is it worth getting all upset? If it’s not then don’t.

If were talking a lot which would make it worth your wild to relocate then keep quite and start looking.

Generally if your worth a lot more some other business will offer it to you if they need you. You will also find out if your worth more if they don’t.

Be careful when they offer a lot they may give you $50 an hr then lay you off a week later because they don’t have steady work but they need you at the moment. research that company’s history.

Life generally isn’t fair and it’s not worth getting overly upset, being overly upset can cost you a fortune in emotions.
Who know’s if what I’ve said applies or helps, but good luck.

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