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by arielblaze

My life looks so depressing at this moment. You know, if feels almost like AN insult to accept this situation and live things just normal. It probably will pass soon or later. And the fact that I used my last Money to buy a bottle of cheap alcoholic beverage makes things even more depressing. But, what can I do about that? Its not a crime to drink, and it was my Money, so thats nobody’s business. Except for, my sister is kind of a n alcoholic, and she already went through some really tough shit, with doctors, and ambulances, and institutions, that kind of a stuff. I mean, I am not gonna drink with her, of course, but her room is just next to mine. So, what I am doing is kind of a bad thing to do, right? But thats life, I just want to have a drink, nobody that I know wants to drink with me, they all live very far from me, and don’t like alcohol as much as I like. So, I guess I must do it all by myself. Generally, lonely drinkers are seem as depressing people, but drinking is equally depressive no matter if you are alone or with friends, in my opinion. It depends on how much you drink, and in what situations you do that. So yeah, I already bought this shit, and I am going to drink it.

Sorry folks for spilling my meaningless worries here, and all of those people passing through serious shit and I’m here worrying about drinking or not drinking. Im a jerk, right? Thats fine, I admit it. Forgive me father, I have sinned. Good night, everyone.

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Zeon 9/6/2019 - 7:04 pm

Never understood what’s so appealing about alcohol when people are depressed.I got drunk once just to experience it.I swear im never touching it again.You should find a healthier way to deal with your depression like weeds

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