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by death_wish

I’m sorry that I wasted your time. Please don’t tell ***** the truth about me. It’s best she never really knows who I was. Just some crazy ex in photos. She doesn’t need to know any more. I knew someone who’s daughter got old enough to a ask about her father’s brother that killed himself. I don’t want that for her.

Please take care of the cats. I know I never meant anything to you, but I hope they did. At the age they’re at they’ll all be put down in shelters, please don’t let that happen.

Please don’t waste money on a funeral, no one is going to come. If the State demand you pay for it just go whatever’s cheapest to get rid of the body. Otherwise just refuse to claim the body and let the State do whatever they will.

I hope I can find peace. Even if there’s nothing at all, I just need to get away from all this pain.

Please feel free to liquidate my assets to pay any debts off. I don’t care that you do with the remaining money.

I’m sorry I wasted anyone’s time, but especially yours. I thought we were going to be happy. I love so deeply. But I guess the only thing I’ll ever get close enough to that is permanent peace from my pain. I wish I was a worthwhile person, but from the people I thought were my friends, and especially from the people I loved the most, I learned that I am completely without any worth to anyone. I guess I never was. I wish I had learned that earlier and done this earlier. I’m sorry for anyone I caused inconvenience to. I’m sorry I was every alive in the first place. My life has been nothing but pain and I just want it to stop.


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Allesiana Died 9/21/2019 - 8:47 am

I feel the same.

FarahLajeenNourAlDeen 9/21/2019 - 9:53 am

hey hey 🙁 <3
please please don't
please don't leave

let's talk about this
pleeease 🙁

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