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Do You Know

by Gary555

How sick I am of being human. Always looking to get laid. I know that doesn’t work on this board because a lot of you have the opposite problem. Struggling to pay my property taxes on my tiny house. There’s a candidate named Andrew Yang who advocates giving everyone in America, over 18, $1000 a month. Yes. Do it. That would relieve half of my problems.

My other problems can’t even be described. I don’t like being locked in a body in this 3D environment. The restrictions. I’m one of these people that believe the Universe is teeming with life and other civilizations aren’t restricted by time and space the way we are. One example is time.

There’s a belief that we don’t experience time the way it really is. That past, present and future are all happing at once. Neither you or I can conceive of that but I believe it’s possible. I heard this the other day and it’s exactly how I feel: I feel like I’m 50 yards of Spirit stuffed into 5 and a half feet of body.


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swansong 10/1/2019 - 7:35 am

Your theory is absolutely right that we experience events based on time, but the universe is everything at once. I think of it as a movie reel. We are the audience watching each frame flick by and that immerses us in the story as it unfolds. But the truth is that the entire story is already printed, all the frames exist at the same time, but the problem is that we only see the sequence that the projector flicks on the screen.

Should this make us feel any better about our pain? I don’t know, I suppose it should because it would take us out of the moment. But then wouldn’t that lead to a deeper depression, when you know the whole story and realize that it’s a tragedy that can’t be changed because the movie is already written, filmed and finished?

So in a sense, maybe it’s a good thing that we are only see the moment that we’re in, because then we can fool ourselves with things like hope and faith and happy endings.

Anyway thanks for bringing up this interesting thought. Regarding $1000 a month for everyone citizen, I think that would be a great idea and it could easily be paid for by cutting the corruption and kickbacks out of government. I would go so far as to say if we streamline the efficiency of government and stop stuffing the pockets of politicians and their cronies, we could do away with taxes entirely. The government could be a self-sustaining business drawing revenue from government projects and trade with other countries. But what are the chances of “government efficiency” happening in this lifetime?

Cause of Death: Suicide 10/1/2019 - 4:36 pm

Have you ever tried LSD?

What you described in the last two parts of your post is really exactly what I felt when I took my first dose of LSD, I believe the strain was called ‘Morning Glory’.

I could really feel the past, present, future teeming together at once. It was a lot like at that moment I could understand ALL of consciousness was happening now at that VERY moment, and even though trapped in my small town, I could look at the stars and almost feel like I was in New York City in Central Park looking at the same sky!!

Also when high on LSD you can really feel all energies (basically in the entire universe) buzzing at once. It’s like your 50 yards of spirit just free to be released in and all around you!!

I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are overly sensitive though, you’ve got to be pretty sturdy, resilient to be able to handle it.

Yoges 10/2/2019 - 12:25 pm

Now you’re talkin’ 🙂

There’s no reason why anything is not possible somewhere in the universe. Maybe we don’t comprehend our immediate surroundings. Maybe aliens are right here and now, in some form we can’t begin to imagine (please, not MIB).

I know nothing, but maybe there’s no such thing as Spirit or Soul. It’s devastating but we might just be biological robots programmed by evolution to try getting laid; our different personalities and changing moods- chemical mixtures; our Self- mere matter before we’re born and after we die. Instead of being luminous 50 yard Spirit, perhaps we’re all literally shit.

Or hey, maybe Jesus is coming back soon enough.

muspelhem 10/2/2019 - 4:30 pm

If you want to get laid, you should at least understand what it is you want. There’s a book by Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller you should check out, it’s called something like What Women Want. At least then you can see your predicament clearly. Not that that makes it more bearable. It just might help you be less of a sucker.

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