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Don’t you dislike the overpowered under_dog?

by Yikrens

I felt long like this exemplar of human. As if the queried urge of someone made you each and appear where you are – but the wish just made you appear but does not mention how it does change.

I, might be 14, dissatisfied and without engagement made myself through the day with no felt struggle. There were a lot to many ones view striking on to me. They became all inflationary and meaningless, even making the double of ten times the amount was not much of an challenge or performance to me. It just not got into the desires, wishes and obligations which were meant to be made by me.

I saw now progress doing them. A ridiculous waste of time I would give into mere things of worth and idea.

I tried writing my emotions, I had found the wishful but that one did not understood what the toll of words mean. The wrong words now can make me hit the jail, can make myself frail. She just let it fade out.

The Standby is her measured power for since ever.

She weren’t grain as I, made for those who need to get it done by itself, so could afford to engage into her obligations. I would not want to compare my penalties as an exam, but there is not much between them in the amount.

Pretty like looking on my Skin, I do not know what’s underneath. What the time might has been, she had gone and come, rested upon or cried tears evoking eventually rain? Doubtful she’ll like what I write. I am impressed, but my understanding of her life afterwards finishing that level of education, she went abroad. I hope it was the best, I would not be able to stand anyone elsewise, at least without good probes and slick insights for exploits.

If the standby been left during that period? I ain’t talking exercises in sports. I feel rude hiding the truth.

Alongside I was getting my Psyche elevating progresses and perceptions. I was out of human and I still own much of these. They are little to compare to homework’s, a list of vocabulary or Level 3 or less calculations (except you make these level 3 by head).

It was like sharing the human as it is to many. I can not remember ever to set a sell out or had any preoccupation on the trigger of mine. All I knew was, the complex emotions of mine been understood as hate or critic of some kind. Imagine people you atone to be undermined by the insight of some clearance of emotional ties, the compassionate try to set what you praise analogues to some kind.

I would not move the afford I made, the other felt like have captured goods when I said, filled the empty lines. Or, to have actively created an hideous book of an mastermind to serve like an soldier for the nation, you swear to stand along others and alone on the pinpoint and invade.

I recrafted myself. Anhedonia was meant to be just right. I changed. But, nobody could knew, because I did not changed for somebody to be seen, heard or readed. I untied relationships, swapped some graded of my consciousness to match the reality, my unconscious psyche. I have not a split Truth, I got Two.

I have untied also her, so now I can share something else refined. But will it bother more then ever since life has reached me, her alike to be, an exercise or a conditional disruption?

But, this text is for whom else. Imagine, my feelings are not from today, my emotions are swapping between not truths and I do not bother to be kind, taking none of them to be mine.

Doing this so freely, the capacity demands restriction or a forceful power-of to make the hijack. But, I did not met them, not knowing anyone having the lines on the page as I. The Time as value in real-time, no Track on reflections within the milestones behind.


What can it take for me to change the State of my mind? I work with altered memories already and any of this placeholders have flux, making my burial almost to happen clockwork without the Love that can not fucked out and kissed, decorated with dignitias and insignias, the drugs or with a change of the breaking news anytime.

Shall I lay out my Utopia? I will not simply, as anyone else being ok with less is to me a detail less to be untied of the stasis of being alive.


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rocketman 9/6/2019 - 6:11 am

Don’t you dislike the overpowered under_dog?

Your post made my head spin! So simple answer!

If the overpowered under_dog is evil I dislike him. 🙂

Yikrens 9/6/2019 - 10:13 am

the character is seemingly simple. it never obtained the framework made it worth to be kept unlike everything else. but unlike many other of my posts, the discomfort of an nonlocal 3rd person in an connection of this type demands support. I am helpless, the person has got more it need and is probably losing so much of energy is miss of philosophy. if the under_dog (I think, this one has none) would die, many would be happy and those would be invisible but although celebrating. I do be… like when this happens.. well, triggered. I’d be more lost when she would die. If she does, I would have a tattoo. I would have the first funeral to cry, or to cry and make a camp close the grave. I would visit her parents for the first time, telling how I’d had felt to love and if love dies along that person.

I fear her to be death. I made her know that the “hope dies last”, later on a band formed by that name. any of many phrases I used turned later out released as a song or band or even a movie!

Is the under_dog evil killing me? I would maybe have the best words for another refinement of entertainment, and my wish forged out, showing how much of Details it had taken to infiltrate reality.

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