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I’m not in love, but I don’t want to be alone

by Casino96


So I honestly think she’s gay, which means this will mean nothing anyway; that’s why I’m even posting, to be honest


theres a girl at my supermarket job that’s I think is kinda cute. She has a short haircut and a tattoo on her arm that makes me think she at bare minimum understands people with depressive illnesses, and she’s very shy. She’s also learning how to play guitar, and is be willing to teach her if I thought I were any good at teaching. I don’t know what type of music she likes and I listen to pretty “out there” stuff; again, I think she might be a lesbian so I’m very hesitant to say anything at all, and,perhaps most

importantly, I don’t believe in this love shit, so I don’t want to drag anyone on

I’m short and overweight so I’m no catch but I feel like there’s something I could be doing to lessen this doubt in a safe way, but I’m lazy and scared lol

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