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It’s wild out there..!

by nutjobcantlove

After being abandoned by the guy I was with for a while now, I gained the courage to meet someone who is as introverted as me and knows what it is like to live in pain. Well, I did find someone of that sort, successful with lot of miseries. I met him for the 1st time yesterday. He wanted to tell me 2 important things:

“First, I have colon cancer” my heart sunk the moment I heard those words. I gave him a hug and felt sorry. Then he went on.. “Second, I have someone else living inside my body”. I froze for a few seconds not knowing how to react. I was still sitting next to him and rubbing his back. What was I doing? I don’t even know if it’s alright to leave. He suddenly got aggressive and forced me to go to his place. I was scared like never before and I cried to leave me alone. All this happened in  downtown sidewalk and several ppl walked past us looking at me cry buckets of tears. Well, no one can come between what looks like a couple. He yelled at me that he had spent $200 for nothing. I lost it then and walked as fast as I could until I got in a cab.

Just felt like sharing. I couldn’t tell this anyone. Bcz this world continues to blame me.


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orianainthepast 9/23/2019 - 6:54 am

What did he even mean with the second thing?

nutjobcantlove 9/23/2019 - 10:39 am

He says, some girl lives in his body and her name is Margaret. He showed me wounds in his wrist, looks like he cuts himself. I asked if he is self harming and he said no.
I didn’t want to ask anything much,

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