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Life & Death

by ThouShallSee

Hey there you!!

I looked around me but nothing appear to be present

“Hmm??… Who was that?”

Ahaha!!! The voice cackling, “im right here!”

the voice got close

I jumped back!! Goosebumps ran all the way up my body.

Whoosh.. the wind blew aways the leaves. It was pitch dark at night 1 o’clock after midnight. I was confused?

Who are you?.. a typical mindset of a 8 year old. I was a type of kid who didn’t believe in anything Until it happens before my eyes

The voice sneer in disdain. “Have you heard of life and death?” 

My body shudder then went limped for a whole 10 seconds.

Life and death? Is this what was said earlier? I ponder for a few minutes then replied back “w-what is.. before I could finished.

Beep! Beep!.. ayy kid get off my Parking spot!

I ignored the hollering man, I panicked a bit.. was that a ghost? Or a person. It was the first week of fall.

Of course Halloween ain’t till next month. The man earlier saw my reaction and froze. From a third party perspective of view, a Suspicious scenario would likely be first to come to mind.


To be Continued..

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rocketman 9/20/2019 - 11:46 am

Not bad 🙂

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