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Lost and confused..

by Causeofdeath_suicide_
Lost in the dark, with no lights anywhere. 

Just walking around getting pulled around by black figures that mix into the darkness, figures that can’t be seen. I have no control over anything, I’m so confused and lost  

Out of nowhere it’s like they’re grabbing my ankles, ripping me underwater. I can’t fight. I can’t breath. im drowning  

Finally they let go and I swim to the surface thinking I see some light, get fully onto land and back to walking. Just as fast as I thought I saw the light, I get swiped off my feet and dragged into the darkness that disappeared. As fast as I saw the light, it disappeared faster.  Getting pulled around by the figures I can’t see. The figures I can’t fight. Getting dragged around. Getting pulled underwater. I’m suffocating. I’m drowning. I’m in pain. The figures I can’t see, they’re winning. I’m lost...

I’m lost..

Lost in the dark.
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Ennui 9/2/2019 - 5:37 am

No one’s in control, everyone’s lost.
If anyone fancies they have control over anything, they’re deceiving themselves and their folie de grandeur will inevitably come crashing down.
Try to accept your futility, and try to not get too hurt in the process…

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